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Vacation- Day Four

I promise this will be the longest post I make about about vacation. I just can't help it. I mean we went to DISNEY WORLD!!! Also, these are just a few of the pictures I took. I'll load the rest of them on facebook soon. Tuesday was my birthday, so we decided to make it special by going to Disney World...lucky, I know! Everything about the day was a blessing starting with the tickets right up to the fact that we never waited in line for more than 25 minutes for ANYTHING! To start the day I woke up at 7:00 to get ready. I had laid everything out the night before, so all I had to do was freshen up. Clay and Eric soon followed and everything was running smoothly until we woke Eli up...he was a beast. Luckily it didn't last long because after an hour drive he was greeted by this...wouldn't it make you happy too? The worst part of the whole day was riding the Monorail. We waited in line FOREVER in the hot sun, and when we finally boarded we got stuck...seriously? H

Vacation- Day Three

Monday morning we were eager to hit the beach, but not before we slept until was AMAZING!! After our lazy morning, Eric made a big country breakfast before we headed for some fun in the sun! We spent the whole morning on the beach and didn't go in for lunch until 2:00. Sporting his "Cars II" goggles. Little surfer boy Doesn't he just look like a beach bum? Eli did really well for his first day. He would get in the ocean for a few minutes then run around in the sand for a while. He would sit with me in the beach chair and even took a couple of decent naps! I brought Eli back with me around 5:00 to get dressed for dinner. After everyone was ready we went to Sea Critters. It was a little restaurant on the bay. It was all fine and dandy until we got a $60 bill...are you serious? Our little family. Uncle Clay thought it would be funny to give Eli a lemon. Turns out he was right! LOVE this man!!! Sea Critters After a yummy dinner we went to get some ice cream.

Vacation- Day Two

Day two of our vacation started out with more driving, but much less of it! We made it to Ocola, Florida just in time for lunch. Here is Eli with his daddy on Father's Day... We ate at Cody's which was a delicious roadhouse restaurant with a fun atmosphere. Eli started getting a little squirmy about halfway through, so I had my meal boxed and we walked around a little. After a few fun pictures it was back in the van and we were beach bound! We unloaded and went straight to the ocean! Eli wasn't too terrified, so we stayed a lot longer than planned. We then cleaned up and headed for groceries. Since we were tired from traveling, I made spaghetti and then we all headed for a night beach walk! Here are the boys looking for shells! Me and my boy... A family shot, and YES, Eli is looking directly into the flashlight. My baby brother was the perfect travel companion and picture taker! After our walk we put Eli down and relaxed on the deck. We went to bed fairly early and cozied u

Vacation Day One

As per usual our original plans did not work out. We were going to wake up at seven so Eric could mow the yard before we left for vacation, but a 30% rain chance turned into 100% chance..ha! So, we loaded the car and headed out! I would like to pause right here to thank my in-laws who volunteered to drive 2hours in the middle of the week to mow our yard. We thank you and so do the neighbors. Ok , moving on! Eli was an angel, really! We made it to Dalton where we ate Chick- fil -A in the car, and then it was off the the Atlanta Braves game to stretch a bit. When we got to our seats Eli was in awe. It marked his third major league game, but the first he remembers. While we were sitting there I heard the ladies behind us laughing. Call it maternal instinct , but I knew it was Eli. So, I turned around to find that he had nabbed some cookies from their bag..Oh my! I tried to explain that it isn't polite to steal, but a sever thunderstorm popped up and drenched us. The game was delaye