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We've Got Spirit

**DISCLAIMER : The Following Broadcast does not reflect the values of the author of this blog** In honor of Louisville's recent success and tonight's big game, these three had a little cheer for you... WE'VE GOT SPIRIT. YES WE DO. WE GOT SPIRIT. HOW 'BOUT YOU?? To which Momma replies...NO!!!!

Easing Back In

It's funny how with your second baby life just keeps on going as normal.  Really, I think it about 6 weeks before Eric and I were comfortable enough to get out of the house with Eli.  We've had Ellie out and about since she was about six days old. Ha! Even though we're braver than when Eli was born, we've still been easing back into the grind of things.  I had Eric home the whole first week along with Eli to help keep me company.  My dad was here part of last week, and when he left he took Eli for a few days.   All of that to say that this is the first day I've had both kiddos.  Eli did go to daycare which meant Ellie and I were able to sleep until 8:30, watch a lifetime movie, visit with friends from church, and take our time picking up the house before we went to get Eli. Once we picked up Little Man, I thought it would be fun to do one of our "normal" activities.  Typically we hit up McDonald's on Thursdays for a sweet tea and to

Let The Hallelujah's Roll

Well, ya'll.  Today was a blessed day for the Watson's. For starters, it was Ellie's due date. We also received great news about her health.  Her right kidney is perfect! This means that things have improved in the last eight days.  Her left kidney is also healthy with only a small amount of fluid present. Under normal circumstance this amount of fluid would warrant a dismissal from specialized care and only minor monitoring from our regular pediatrician.  However, because of my health history there is reason to believe that I passed on a genetic problem to Ellie.  The good news is that even if she does have this condition, hers is so minor that no surgery would be required!! That being said, we go back to Vanderbilt for more testing in two weeks.  If the fluid levels in her kidneys and bladder remain the same or improve, we will simply monitor her health as mentioned above.  Otherwise, it will be treated as the mild condition that it is.  PRAISE THE LORD!!  Thank you f

Dr. Visit And A Prayer Request

Ya'll, Ellie is the best sleeper in the world!  Really...last night she was only up ONE time!!  Which made it nice when we had to leave the house early this morning for a doctor's appointment.   My dad drove me around town since I still can't operate machinery. Ha!  First we took Eli to daycare, then we hit up McDonald's for a coffee.  Next stop was the doctor's office.  Eric met us there because we had to discuss Ellie's kidneys.   If you recall, an ultrasounds performed at 20 weeks indicated a slight abnormality in her kidney.  We were told that the situation would more than likely clear up, but we had a follow-up ultrasound to be safe.  At 28 weeks there was no change for better or for worse.  We decided at that point to wait until birth to treat the condition. When Ellie was 48 hours old we had another ultrasound performed, and it too indicated a slight obstruction in her kidney.  She was placed on a preventative antibiotic to cut down on th

What A Week

It seems impossible that this time last week we were anxiously awaiting the birth of our daughter.  Anxious is actually a drastic understatement.  I literally wished the hours away with anticipation as I eagerly awaited meeting Ellie.  Moments later I willed the clock to stand still as I tried to soak in the final moments as a family of three. We were blessed to have both sets of parents to help keep us occupied during those last hours.  Finally Monday arrived, and our world has been forever changed. I never expected my heart to grow so quickly and to feel so utterly complete.  This sweet babe really was the missing piece. I have so many memories I want to document from the days leading up to Ellie's birth and the week that has followed.  Please bear with me as I humbly attempt to find the time and words to express the joy that is in my heart. The week has been magical, and I look forward to sharing these precious and tender moments with you in the days to come.  Until

Sweet Saturday

Last night was ROUGH!!  Both kiddos were out of sorts and to add insult to injury, Eli woke up at 6:00 this morning...LOVELY!!  He never does that.  Lucky for me, I can now drink diet coke and gorge myself in caffeine, which is exactly how I survived.     I actually sent Eric back to bed while I got the kids ready for pictures.  Sabrina, Griffin and Justin came over to take some pictures for us, and I can't wait to show you! Be sure to check back tomorrow for updates! While we were in the middle of Ellie's photo session, Clay and Mandi arrived from Richmond. They treated Eric and I to lunch which we enjoyed!!  Shortly after, Amy and Shannon got here!  We spent the afternoon watching basketball and catching up! Since Eric has to go back to work on Monday and I still can't drive, my Dad will be staying with us for a few days.  He arrived this afternoon as well.  He was nice enough to watch Ellie while we took Eli to dinner with Amy and Shannon. We

Sibling Love

We had another successful night!  Ellie is pretty much up at one and four. The 1:00 feeding is rough because she doesn't poop, so her belly hurts.  The good news is that once she goes potty, she falls right back to sleep!  We are so grateful for the Lord's provision in this area...a good sleeper is such a blessing!! Another blessing as a parent is the opportunity to witness the growing bond of love and friendship between siblings. Nothing has brought me more joy these past few days than the tender moments of affection shared between Eli and Eli.  After all, siblings are your very first friends in life.    Of course those of us with brothers and/or sisters know the cold, hard truth too.  Siblings make sure you know basic life survival skills.  For example, they teach you how to share...EVERYTHING...this includes underwear in a pinch.  They teach you how to pick a fight and then shift the blame to an innocent party. They also make sure to know your every pet peev

Family Of Four

Well, our first night home was a success.  Ellie seems to be a wonderful sleeper.  She eats every three to four hours, and sleeps nicely between feedings.  I actually slept on the couch last night and left her in the swing.  I NEVER would have done that with Eli.  I guess this time around I'm all about being practical.   Since Eric napped yesterday afternoon, he let me go to bed early while he stayed up with the kiddos. Of course Eli wouldn't hear of sleeping without me, so I woke up around 10:00 to put him down.  I ended up falling asleep in his room until around mid-night, then I got up to do the feedings. When Eric woke up this morning he fixed us a big breakfast, and then let me go back to sleep.  I ended up napping until a little after noon.  I was just getting up when a friend from church surprised us with lunch! Now I'm sitting here with these two precious babies soaking in the beginning of our life as a family of four.  We are abundantly bless

Coming Home

I had another wonderful night's rest, and ended up sleeping until my doctor came around for his rotations.  He gave me the all-clear to go home, and I was about to jump in the shower when our pediatrician came in to tell me that Ellie's ultrasound continued to show fluid on her kidneys.  He explained that everything was fine for the moment, but that we would be referred to Vanderbilt. The hospital was short on rooms, so they were in a hurry to get us out of there.  I was still getting dressed when they discharged Ellie, so I didn't have time to shower.  It ended up working out well because Eric was back with Eli and ready to get home anyway.  After a few trips back and forth to the car, we were ready to make the voyage home. We got Ellie all dolled up in her sweet smocked dress and custom made bow!  She looked so sweet all bundled up.  It was almost 100 degrees the day we brought Eli home from the hospital, and it snowed the day Ellie came home.      

Hospital Day Two

After such a long day, I knew I would need a lot of rest following Ellie's birth.  Since I can't breastfeed (following my breast reduction) I asked that the nurses keep her in the nursery all night so that I could sleep.  I ended up resting well and pretty much slept until my doctor game in to check me. He gave me the "all clear" to take a shower which is always the best part!  I went ahead and called the nursery before I jumped in because I knew that it would take them a while to get her down to me.  As was just finishing the shower when our pediatrician came in to talk to us about Ellie's kidneys. We already knew that she was retaining fluid and that she would be sent for an ultrasound.  Beyond that we weren't too sure what we up up against.  After he left, we had a few minutes alone with Ellie before the hospital photographer came to do the pictures.  They were super cute, but a little on the expensive side.  We decided not to get them.

Ellie's Birth Story

This is a very long overdue post, but today I'm feeling sentimental so I thought I would write.   It was difficult going to bed knowing that it would be our last night as a family of three.  It was difficult going to bed knowing that I would have major surgery the following morning.  It was difficult going to bed with a three year old squeezed between us.  But somehow I managed to drift off waking every 30 minutes or so, willing the clock hurry up and reach that 4:48 alarm, but also begging it to slow down. Finally, it was time to wake, shower and prepare for the day.  I did indeed apply full make-up, I mean I was for sure having a billion pictures taken!  Of course we were late leaving the house, but they couldn't really start without us - could they?  We left before the sun came up.  My mom and dad stayed with Eli and drove the van so we wouldn't have to change car seats around.  Despite going only a few miles, it was a long drive knowing your life is about t