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Halloween 2013

So here's something you need to know about me...I am not a Halloween person.  I don't have a problem with it, I just don't get into it.  If it wasn't for my kids, I wouldn't even acknowledge it.  So, you will excuse my poor attempt at a costume for Ellie. Eli is very into superheroes, so he was Captain America.  His costume was actually a birthday gift back in August, but hey, he loved it!!  Ellie is supposed be Captain America's sidekick which is a totally made up person.  I told you that I was lame.  The poor baby was one of the only ones in the daycare nursery without an outfit...epic mom fail.  Good thing she'll never remember.  Eli, however, did dress up at daycare, and once I picked them up, he had a chance to go Trick Or Treating at Daddy's work.  He gets such a kick out of going to Eric's work.  Of course this was Ellie's first trip, but I think she liked it! We rushed home from Trick Or Treating to load the car for

Pumpkin Carving

We've kinda been slackers on the whole pumpkin thing this year.  With two kids, two jobs, and a lot of life, we've just lost track of time.  However, we couldn't let Eli's favorite tradition slip by.  So after our play date this afternoon (which I will probably not be blogging about) I took Eli by a farm on our way home.  He got to pick out two pumpkins, a big one and a small one.  Since Eric is the master carver at our house, he got to do the big one.  The kids and I took care of the smaller one.  I thought it would be harder, but it was actually really easy which was nice.  Eli isn't too big on the oohey, gooie stuff, so Eli and I took it upon ourselves to get it all cleaned out.  That child must have a heck of a nose on her because she kept trying to eat the pumpkin seeds.  Ha! Once again, I stuck with a symmetric jack-o-lantern.  It made it really simple which is what I needed since I had the kids while Eric worked on his Masterp


BOO!!!!!!!!!! These two cuties wanted to say Happy Sunday!!

Monster Mash

My mom and dad surprised us Thursday night by driving into town.  We were wondering who was pulling into our drive and SURPRISE it was Gigi and Poppa.  They stayed home with the kids yesterday while I went to work.  Then we went to lunch at my dad's favorite local joint and hit up some consignment furniture shops before coming home to relax. This morning we took the kids to the National Corvette Museum for the annual Monster Mash.  Basically they get to Trick Or Treat out of classic cars then head inside to play games.  Eli was a baseball player again, and Ellie was a UK cheerleader ,which Eric only agreed to because he said that it was scary. Ha!  My dad dressed up as a a referee to go along with our sports theme.  Eli sorta wigged out over one of the costumes and was pretty much over the whole thing.  We took advantage and hit up Cheddar s for lunch before dropping Eric off at home to work on the car. Then we shopped some more with Gigi and

The Seasons Of Our Lives

There's something about the changing seasons that just makes me sentimental.  I think it's because it represents just that - a changing season.  Our lives next year will look nothing like our lives this year.  Circumstances change, people change.  Babies grow older, and time goes faster. In nature each season is filled with its own special moments.  In the winter we cozy up indoors and spend time together as a family.  The spring always brings a newness of life as we eagerly head outside for carefree afternoons spent at the park.  Summer days are lazy and celebrated with birthdays, fireworks, and splashing in the pool.  Fall brings a sense of comfort as we sip on warm drinks, count our blessings, and rally behind our favorite football teams. Each season is special in its own way, and likewise are the seasons of our lives.  Nonetheless, I struggle with letting them go - wanting to hold on to the precious moments of today.  I think that's why I'm particulari

Back To The Farm

Today after work I took the kids back to the farm for some fall fun.  The weather has been so chilly that I was afraid there might not be another chance this season.   I try to "keep it real" and let them wear play clothes to play in, but everyone needs some good orchard pictures, right?  I may or may not have bribed my four year old to smile.  Ha! Who cares.  All is well that ends well.  I got some pictures for memories sake, and Eli got to run around and jump on hay.  It was a win/win for everyone.  I was even in a picture this time.  The owner offers every week to take one of all of us, but I never let her since usually I'm still in gym clothes.  It's not the best, but at least I'm somewhat presentable.   After the picture fest, we did what we came to do...have fun!! We saw the cows and goats.  We looked at pumpkins, we went through the corn and hay mazes, but mostly we did this.  We watched a little boy literally soar t

Anniversary Trip: Day Two

Ya'll, I was hoping that after neglecting to take pictures yesterday I would do better today. Yeah, not so much.  I apologize in advance for the boring shots and the possibilty of a few pictures stolen from a Google search. Ha!   The thing is, when the kids aren't around I forget to use the camera.  This is a problem because I really do want to remember this trip. Ok.  Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's move on. After sleeping eleven glorious hours last night, we were ready to have some fun. Eric missed the memo that it was freezing outside and left the hotel in shorts and a tee shirt.  It was 47 degrees!!  I was wondering what the heck he was thinging, but I didn't want to judge.  He regretted it later. Anyway, we ate lunch at Roosters which was actually a horrible experience.  The food was terrible, but no hard feeling.  You live and learn.  Eric also got food hung in his throat and went rushing off to the bathroom.  Lovely.  We decide

Anniversary Trip: Day One

It's finally here...our anniversary weekend! Every year we take a trip.  Given the fact that we have two kids, it tends to be something small, but the point is to get away.  I can not tell you how much I need this year's trip. Originally we were going to hit the beach since our five year and all.  However, after spending the money we saved on the van, we didn't have the cash...ugh!  We looked into several other places, but the whole government shutdown really messed that up.  Finally, we decided on Cincinatti since we always get great Priceline deals! We both left work early to pick up the kids and meet Eric's parents.  After dropping them off  we hit the rode.  Of course we hit Louisiville at rush hour.  It seemed like the trip took FOREVER!   Anyway, the kids haven't been sleeping well at all this week, so I told Eric I didn't want to do much tonight.  After checking into the hotel we hit up Skyline Chili.  Eric had never eaten there, and since

Pumpkin Painting

Every single year we try to paint pumpkins.  It's just one of those things that Eli loves, and since it's super cheap, I'm always eager to oblige.   It's the small things in life, ya'll.  We whip out the finger paint and Eli gets creative.  Since his attention span is all of forty-five seconds it's always a fun and fast activity.  He takes it seriously, though.  You know it's very important to chose your colors wisely.  Then, just as fast has he started, he finished.  It's a masterpiece we cherish every year. 

Burning The Midnight Oil

These smiling kiddos weren't so smiley last night.  In fact, they were up a total of five times between midnight at four am.  Eli woke up at 3:30 and never did go back to sleep.  Needless to say, I am exhausted and so is Eric because I rudely made no attempt to hide my frustration.  It was not one of my finer moments. Nights like this happen probably every two weeks, so I'm used to skipping the gym for a nap which is totally what is happening today.  Anyway, I was thinking today about all the places I sleep in a given night.   I lay with Eli in his bed until he falls asleep, which means that I usually end up dozing off for a half hour or so.  Then I move to my and Eric's bedroom where I rest until Ellie wakes me up for her feeding.  Sometimes I doze off while she eats her bottle which means the couch becomes sleep place number three.  Once I get her back down I return to my bedroom where I rest peacefully until either my alarm or my son wake me up.  If it