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Enjoy The Journey

Awkward phases follow us through life, do they not? I'm sure they begin at birth, but we're just unaware of their presence and the subsequent impact on our lives until we reach an older age. However as we hit puberty, we become painfully aware of the effects of these bodily changes as we welcome the pre-adolescent years. It starts off with a bang as our arms and legs temporarily take control of our bodies and grow at abnormal rates leaving us with freakishly long limbs and a teeny, tiny torso. This change in physique brings with it a slue of other complications including a spell of clumsiness that plagues our verbal skills as well as our motor skills. Of course by the time we reach high school, we emerge from the cocoon a beautiful creature. Our limbs are finally proportionate to our bodies, our braces have been removed, our hair shampooed, our wardrobes updated and our personalities bubbling...or so we think. This is the onset of awkward phase two. This time around it'

Dream A Dream

A lot has happened in the Watson home since my last post, specifically my working situation. I am back in television hosting a morning show right here in Bowling Green...appropriately called Bowling Green TODAY. It has been quite a change in many ways for our family, but welcoming nonetheless. Previously I was working part-time, many of those hours were from home. I now work full time at the station arriving at 5am. That means Eric has baby duty in the morning. He is in charge of getting Eli dressed, fed, out the door to daycare, and himself to work all by 7:30 am. And I must say that he is doing a fabulous job. This arrangement does require a little bit of prep work the night before. Three bottles must be made before bedtime; one for the morning feeding, one for daycare, and an extra just in case. Additionally, we layout the baby food (usually green beans) sippy cup, spoon and bib on the table for easy morning access. Finally, we pack the diaper bag full of necessities and