Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dream A Dream

A lot has happened in the Watson home since my last post, specifically my working situation. I am back in television hosting a morning show right here in Bowling Green...appropriately called Bowling Green TODAY. It has been quite a change in many ways for our family, but welcoming nonetheless.

Previously I was working part-time, many of those hours were from home. I now work full time at the station arriving at 5am. That means Eric has baby duty in the morning. He is in charge of getting Eli dressed, fed, out the door to daycare, and himself to work all by 7:30 am. And I must say that he is doing a fabulous job. This arrangement does require a little bit of prep work the night before. Three bottles must be made before bedtime; one for the morning feeding, one for daycare, and an extra just in case. Additionally, we layout the baby food (usually green beans) sippy cup, spoon and bib on the table for easy morning access. Finally, we pack the diaper bag full of necessities and lay out an outfit and diaper...and that's just for Eli. We still have to make the coffee, pack our lunches, and layout our clothes. All of this from a couple who a year ago rolled out of bed thirty minutes before work!

Like I said (or wrote) this is a welcomed change. It allows me to follow my dream of having both a career and family. I'm home with Eli in the afternoons which allows me to finally give him my undivided attention. We have dinner together as a family every night (no more late shifts) and Eric and I actually have an hour of alone time after Eli goes down and before I go to bed.

I think to most people our new schedule would be stressful, but to us it's freeing. We have a routine that has cleared up evenings and allows us to focus on our family and our's and amazing arrangement.

To my family and friends who follow our story, I hope you enjoy updates on our newest journey. And to the viewers across South Central Kentucky who welcome myself and Radar in your homes...thank you. I invite you to follow the saga of my family and this thing they call motherhood!

In closing, I will say that this whole situation is humbling because I realize how truly blessed I am to have my dreams come true. I have the career that I have not only worked for, but always dreamed of. I have a wonderful family complete with a son who brings more joy into my life than I ever thought possible; who through a silly, gummy smile makes the world a better place. And I have husband who is not only my team member, he is also my support, my encourager, and my life partner. I believe God gives us desires deep within our hearts that will ultimately bring him glory. He gave me my heart's desires and dared me to dream a dream...may he be glorified!

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