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Life Comes At You Fast

Nationwide has an insurance commercial that says, "Life comes at you fast." I've often thought that Eric and I would make wonderful spokespersons for the company because that seems to be our theme. We don't half do life; we go at it full force. Our story begins on Wednesday May 3, 2007. I went to the news studio at WKU to work on a couple of stories I was putting together for the following night's show, and when I got there I met a meteorologist working on his weather cast. We talked briefly, I told him my name, got my work done and headed for my daily run. When I got back to the dorm room later that night I told my roommate about our meeting. She said, "Wouldn't that be crazy if you just met your husband? I think you just met you husband, Morgan." I not so politely told her she was crazy and dismissed the incident. Later that night, upon checking Facebook, I discovered Mr. Eric Watson had sent me a friend request. I accepted the invitation and went

Welcome to Motherhood

Exactly ten weeks ago today I gave birth to our son Elijah Harold Watson. He weighed 6 lbs, 8oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. Who knew such a little person could change my life so completely. Since that joyous day my life has been turned upside down. I'm exhausted, excited, overwhelmed and overjoyed all at the same time. But no matter what emotion I may be feeling one thing is more certain, the past ten weeks have been the most amazing and fulfilling of my life. So, I invite you to follow my journey through motherhood as I share the moments that make life so sweet, and the challenges that test my patience and sanity daily. Motherhood is a full time job, a daily test, and above all a gift from God. This is how I'm living it...