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Trick or Treating: Round One

The weather here has been gorgeous, but that's all supposed to change tomorrow with some rain and colder temperatures coming in.  It has been World War 3 in our community about when to Trick or Treat, which just cracks me up.  You can chalk it up to yet another issue I don't give a hoot about. Anyway, some friends invited us to go with them tonight since a neighborhood in our community was celebrating early.  We weren't sure that we could make it happen, but it all worked out.  I'm glad we made the call because if it rains tomorrow, I'll have to hear about it for another whole year! Eric took the kids costume shopping this year, and I think it should become a tradition. He went ALONE...with TWO a store...and let then pick from HUNDREDS of options.  He also downloaded a digital coupon and bought Ellie a wig, so he gets major husband props! Ellie was someone from Monster High, but I have no clue who. Eli was a killer clown and proud of i

A Little On The House

With the baseball season behind us, we are now focusing our energy on selling our current home so we can start the building process.  I don't want to wear everyone out with house posts, but it's a big thing going on in our lives, and I really want to document it all along the way.  I still need to tell the story about how all of this came to be, but first, I am dying to share photos from the "spec house" we are using as a model. This is the exterior of the home.  We will have a side entry garage, so there will be windows where the garage door openings are. The reason for this change is to add a little square footage to the upstairs bedrooms and some natural light into the garage.  This is directly inside the front entrance.  I love the two-story foyer and open floor concept!  Just to to the side of the foyer is the dining room. This is looking back toward the front door if that helps give you a better idea of the layout. Here is a look

Weekend Recap

We had a very rare weekend with nothing on the agenda other than a Friday night baseball practice, which was tons of fun hanging out with the moms in the dugout wrapped in blankets and trying to stay dry.  I'll miss this one day, so they say. Saturday was lazy with no alarm clocks, lots of rain and a late breakfast complete with bacon and eggs.  After some more laziness, we had a 3:00 lunch at Moe's and went to Home Depot to get a piece to fix the toilet handle Ellie broke earlier in the day.  We also hit up a few home decor shops and stopped by Wal Mart before heading back home for Family Movie Night.  We watched Hocus Pocus, which proved to be a little too intense for my crew. Eli was snoozing away on Sunday morning, which was much needed, so Eric said he would stay home while Ellie and I went to Sunday School and then he and Eli would meet us at for the service.  Instead, I got a text saying the dishwasher was leaking and he was going to fix it.   I decid

Mammoth Weekend: Mufreesboro

Ya'll, we just got back from one of the most amazing and exciting weekends of baseball!! It was only our second weekend together as a team and the Mammoths walked away runners up in a 14 team tournament!! Since it was the last weekend of Fall Break, we decided to splurge a little and get a hotel for Saturday night.  It ended up being a wonderful decision and really made such a nice little getaway for our family. Saturday morning we got up and drove down to middle Tennessee for our pool play games.  It was about 90 degrees, which is just insane for this time of year but that didn't stop us from winning our first game.  Our next game didn't quite go so well, but it turned out that they were one of the best teams in the whole state.  We're firm believers that you get better by playing tough competition, so even though it wasn't a win, the boys walked away with some takeaways. After the second game, we went to the hotel and then grabbed a quic

Mammoths Weekend: Greenville

This past weekend was full of baseball again.  We haven't been on the field since August, so it felt good to be back at it, this time with a new team.  These kiddos did so amazing to have only had five or so practices.  They have such a special spirit about them, and I cannot wait to see where the season takes the Mammoths! Our pool play games on Saturday were late, so we got to sleep in, which is always a treat on tourney weekends.  Of course we were a bundle of nerves all morning waiting for game time...except for Ellie.  She was fine.  Ha!  We barely ate breakfast, and no one ate lunch.  We left super early for the park and ran into some former teammates when we got there, which helped with the nerves. We're still on cloud nine from winning our first game.  The boys did so amazing!  I cannot believe the heart of this team.  They never got down on themselves and they didn't let an occasional error derail them.  Instead, they refocused, pushed through t