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This & That

It's Monday and this is how Eli feels about it. Ha! Here are a few highlights from our weekend: * We had a wonderful time hanging out around the house and doing a bunch of nothing. I'm sort of into the whole Dateline/48 Hour Mystery thing and watched two episodes on Friday night. * Saturday morning we went to Target's "Read Across America" program with Owen and Tina and ran into Paige from Mommy & Charli so fun meeting a fellow blogger! * The Adkins family came back over Saturday night for dinner. It was so much fun and Eli and Owen were hysterical playing together. * The weather here is horrid! * And one more thing...Taco Bell is have $0.89 tacos all week. Guess where I'm eating lunch? *Adios February!!

My Boys

I don't know what ya'll are doing this weekend, but I'm spending time with the two loves of my boys! They're sweet... They're Silly... They love the great outdoors... They're oh, so handsome... They're quite fashionable... They're devout sports fans... They love to travel... Sometimes they're "gamers"... They always love Big Red... And I love them... HAPPY SATURDAY!


We live in a culture obsessed with "signs." It's in our literature, our music our entertainment. I mean think about it. We have blockbuster hits like this: We have comedians who base their entire setup around the concept: Then, we have this: Bruce Almighty....and this is where it all begins! Yesterday we were watching Bruce Almighty while getting Eli ready for bed. Now, I'm not a particular fan of the movie because I think it is slightly irreverent, but that's not the point! I was watching the scene where Bruce is driving down the road and praying for a sign from God, meanwhile they were all around him. He, of course, is blinded by his rage and doesn't pay attention, resulting in a car accident. At this point he jumps out of the car angry at God for not intervening, for not helping him and for not directing him. Bruce's accusations were absurd because anyone could see God's direction for him. Right there the Holy Spirit revealed to me a prfoun

Count Your Many Blessings

I've started this post three times but can't seem to make it flow, so I'm going to jump right in. We live a world of hurt, a world of pain, a world of high gas prices, bad economies, and unspeakable tragedy. But in the midst of it all there is a Mighty God who calms the storms and whispers our names, a God who sees our pain and holds our tears. A God who is bigger than anything adversity we face. I don't know where you are in life or what this season looks like to you, but I pray that no matter what you face today, you'll stop and County Your Blessings: Count your blessings, name them one by one, Count your blessings, see what God hath done! Count your blessings, name them one by one, And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we went to Marion to see Eric's parents. With both our families living away it's hard to do a lot of visiting, so we decided to alternate months for traveling. January we went to see my parents, so February we went to see Eric's. So , Friday after work we loaded up the van and set out for Western Kentucky. Eli was entertained by our DVD favorites and a few suckers. We decided to eat with Eric's family, so we had to stop halfway there to load up on few treats to hold us over...Eli picked popcorn. Saturday morning we slept in which was much needed! While Eric, his dad and Colby played golf, we ladies (plus Eli) went shopping for shoes. After we got home Eli was excited play with Colby. Western Kentucky has some amazing BBQ! So, that's what we picked up for dinner. Eli doesn't have the best table manners, so to avoid a total meltdown we let him sit at the table like a big boy. It was so cute watching him eat and interact..he was so proud!

What I'm Lovin'

It's What I'm Lovin' Wednesday and I am feeling so blessed today. I'm lovin ' this sweet, cookie-faced toddler who is oh,so enjoying the candy from Valentine's Day. Speaking of candy, I'm lovin' the Dove chocolate Eric got me. It's simply the best and although I don't like to share...I do!! I'm lovin' celebrating lots of memories with my gentlemen this week. I'm lovin' the "above average" temperatures we're seeing in Kentucky this week and the promise of an early spring. I'm lovin' spending lot's of time outside with this little man! What are you lovin'?

She Said Yes!!!

Three years ago today my best friend asked me to be his wife and to walk through life with him. Three years seems like a lifetime ago but it has been a journey blessed beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you Eric for all the precious memories and the lifetime to follow...I LOVE YOU!!

Happy Valentine's Day

There are a million and one reasons I love Eric and he just gave me another... A simple email with this sweet picture of our wedding and a little creativity from my man! I LOVE YOU!!

Clown Cone

Well, I thought you might want to know that our marriage survived the Clown Cone. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this blissful combination of sugar, fat and high fructose corn syrup, it is a Baskin Robins classic. One scoop of ice cream (any flavor) sits atop a perfectly round chocolate cookie. Above the ice cream lies an upside down cone decorated in frozen icing to resemble a clown's hat. The ice cream itself has two candied eyes, a cherry nose and a mouth made of icing. It's ingenious really how a few simple ingredients combined with an array of circus friendly colors can attract someone from across down again and again. I mean, you almost feel bad eating this candy clown...almost! In reality however, it is a perfectly delightful treat for any sweet-toothed child, or as in my case, a large and in charge momma! Before I progress with my story of martial strength in conquering this seemingly innocent dessert, let me set up the scenario. Our hot date night was anythin

How I Love Thee...

When we came into 2011 we ,the Watson's that is, made no New Year's Resolutions. Instead we prayed for a year of rest and peace. After meeting in 2007, Marrying in 2008, Having a Baby and Buying a House in 2009, Changing Careers and Buying A Car in 2010..we're sort of tired. Well, 2011 has started off with a bang. We've had to change daycares and have survived double ear infections, pneumonia, a sinus infection, a tummy bug, an averse reaction to medication, four trips to the doctor, a trip to the allergists and about 10 snow storms...arrh! Normally such circumstance would have me sleep deprived and crazy, but the Lord is constantly reminding to seek him and in doing so he is challenging to look at my lifestyle and my marriage. (This is from the weekend before we got engaged. ) Repeatedly he takes me back to the summer of our engagement before our wedding. We carefully selected a "townhouse"in ghettoville. It was a precious apartment with a kitchen and family

Story Time With Eli

It started out like a normal trip to the supermarket, only I thought I would let Eli walk into the store like a big boy. As I make my way to the endless assortment of buggies (carts if you're a yankee) Eli spots it across the room...the produce stand! His mistakes the round, orange fruit for a basketball and starts yelling, "Mamma, ook...ball." (This translated to "Mommy, look a ball.") Needless to say his walk turns from a trot into a full blown jog at which point I begin running across the store toward the make-shift orange grove. Luckily I grab him before he makes his move. No longer interested in sitting in the child portion of the buggy, he lunges himself toward the back, I quickly oblige to avoid a meltdown, but by the end of the bread isle I regretted our decision. Let's just say the birds wouldn't eat it after Eli was done with it! Anyway, after greeting every stranger between the front door and the check out counter, we finally made it up to pay

School Visit

I mentioned this yesterday, but school part of my job is getting out into the community. Well, yesterday we had the chance to visit a local elementary are some of the highlights!

Happy Trails

Ya'll know by now that we LOVE to hike, so when Sunday was another beautiful day we opted to hit the trails. We had to be back at church for a potluck, so we chose one of the shorter hikes. Eli LOVES, LOVES his backpack and while we walked he had to yell our the names of avery family member...on both sides! We were walking around a national park with a little voice yelling, "GiGi, Grand-DAd, Nan, Poppa."