Thursday, February 10, 2011

How I Love Thee...

When we came into 2011 we ,the Watson's that is, made no New Year's Resolutions. Instead we prayed for a year of rest and peace. After meeting in 2007, Marrying in 2008, Having a Baby and Buying a House in 2009, Changing Careers and Buying A Car in 2010..we're sort of tired.

Well, 2011 has started off with a bang. We've had to change daycares and have survived double ear infections, pneumonia, a sinus infection, a tummy bug, an averse reaction to medication, four trips to the doctor, a trip to the allergists and about 10 snow storms...arrh!

Normally such circumstance would have me sleep deprived and crazy, but the Lord is constantly reminding to seek him and in doing so he is challenging to look at my lifestyle and my marriage.

(This is from the weekend before we got engaged. )

Repeatedly he takes me back to the summer of our engagement before our wedding. We carefully selected a "townhouse"in ghettoville. It was a precious apartment with a kitchen and family room on the first floor and two bedrooms and a bath on the second floor. Anyway, Eric was living there by himself and I would go over almost every night after work.

I remember one such occasion when I looked around and was overwhelmed with pure joy and shear happiness. I thought, "I have everything." By everything I was referring to some second hand furniture we has carefully selected and restored, I was referring to a tiny townhouse and two beat-up cars, I was referring to hand-me-down pots and pans and dollar store wine glasses. I was referring to the blessing of love.
(Our sweet and tiny apartment)

The months that followed were a whirlwind of life including weddings, babies, work, family visits, bills, vacations, more bills. And somewhere in that storm I got greedy. I was showered with new and fancy house items thanks to my friends and family, so I wanted more. I wanted to bring my baby home to a home...not an apartment. Once I got the house, I needed a nicer car for the driveway...and on and on!

It's a slow process but I'm sure if you really think about it, this happened to you too. Now, I am in no way discounting these blessing because they are precious gifts from God. And we were wise and prayerful in each of the decisions to purchase the above items. But with blessings comes responsibility.

This Valentines Day I am thankful for the journey Eric and I have been on and I am counting our many blessings. But most importantly I am remembering a time when our love was celebrated with time together not romantic get-a-ways and fancy gifts.

We were supposed to go out of town this weekend for a short "lovers get-a-way" but instead we are spending it at home...old style! I have a few tricks up my sleeve but it's hush hush for now...updates to come. Until then, may you count your blessing of love this Valentines Day...however you may celebrate!!

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