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Do What You Love

I don't really know where this is all going but I was thinking back to when I got my start in news. It was always so exciting and so glamours, but sadly somewhere along the way it became routine. Between my internship, first reporting job and my anchor position I have seen and done some awesome things! 1. Met Tony from Dancing with the Stars. 2. Interviewed two governors, a Supreme Court Judge and countless politicians. 3. Seen insane wrecks, devastating fires, and murder investigations. 4. Experienced zip lining, the Corvette Museum, state lakes, and awesome food. 5. Held babies, stood in the pin with cows, and petted kangaroos. 6. Picked the brains of doctors, lawyers, teachers, designers, and chefs. 7. Sneezed, hick-upped, coughed and laughed on air. Sometimes the monotony of every day life gets to me, and somewhere in the shuffle of pre-dawn air times, tight deadlines, and the general hustled and bustle of television I take for granted the amazing opportunity I have been given.

My Momma And The Box

This post is EXTREMELY past due, but I simply couldn't let another day go by without honoring the woman who gave me life. I have racked my brain trying to put into words my respect and admiration of my mother, but the English language simply will not suffice. Therefore, I'm going to tell you a story about my momma, and in it I think you will see her beautiful character and wonderful spirit. Every family looks forward to summer vacation and come June cruises are being booked, plane tickets purchased, condo's prepared and bags packed. Aside from Christmas, it truly is the best time of year. And so, as our friends were packing their designer bags and jetting off to the Caribbian, we were loading up the trusty, ole RV headed for the Kentucky State Fair! That's right, we stuffed that camper full of board games, Gaither Cd's and enough Chef Boyardee speghetti to last the entire week week. As our friends put in their head phones and boarded planes headed South, we pi

A New Day

I'm going sappy on you today. The past two years have been the most challenging of my life which is gut wrenching to say because they should have been the happiest after welcoming a son into our lives. I want to be very clear about this. I love Eli more than I ever knew was humanly possible. He is among the greatest blessings the Lord has ever bestowed on me, and I stand in awe that after ten years of infertility and disease I was chosen to be his mother. However, no amount of love could have prepared me for the reality of sleep deprivation. I am blessed to have a life so wonderful that sleep issues are my main concern, and although I feel guilty for being so wrapped up with this issue, I just am. I am fixated and obsessed with sleep or the lack thereof. It is undoubtedly a major stronghold in my life. I walk a thin line battling depression with these sleepless episodes, and I have come into dangerous territory by being angry with God for my lack of sleep. Why would I que

Remember Me?

Remember me? I am Morgan, the former blogger...ha! I have so many things I want to blog about, but I thought I would stop right here to document that our nights of good, solid rest have come to a screeching halt! That's right, baby boy Watson is at it again. Actually, he has been very sick with a sinus infection. Normal people, including myself, sleep when sick...but not Eli. On the contrary, it has been around the clock all-nighters since last week. Thursday I was up twice with him...I think. Actually, I can't remember because this past week has been one EXTREMELY long day if you get my drift! Friday night was spent sleeping on the couch. I did wake up twice completely drenched from a leaking sippy cup. Darn things! Saturday night Eli was up every, and I am not exaggerating, EVERY 25 minutes!! It was horrid! Despite being sick himself, Eric took baby duty last night so I could rest. It was wonderful!! I used to wonder why people had only one I know!! They

Checking In

I just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm not gone. I've just been busy living life and enjoying the sunshine we've been having. I'll be having a blog-a-thon this week so that I can catch up! So tune in for pictures from our weekend, our new family hobby, and a tribute to my mom! Until then, here is a look at my little man this time last year!

Bed Head

It's always wonderful sleeping in on Saturdays, but it means a bad case and bead head for my favorite boy... Happy Saturday, Ya'll!!


This post is for my mom. She got Eli a UK outfit a few weeks ago, and I wanted her to see how cute he looks in it since he's usually wearing Louisville! Thanks Gigi for showing me the error of Louisville's way...ha! Love, Eli!


Are any of you all perfectionists? I don't just mean "type-a" I mean the nut-jobs like me who want everything organized, cleaned, and on schedule. Let me give you an example. I have a routine at work that is functional. It helps me maximize my time with optimal results. Sometimes things happen and that routine changes, and I'm fine with that. It is not dictated by a clock, but is merely a TENTATIVE rotation of events that gets me through the morning. After work, I go to the gym before getting Eli. Mondays I clean. Tuesdays I go grocery shopping. Fridays I pay the bills. I also do one load of laundry a day to keep the piles away. Simple enough right? I mean these are basic household chores that need to be done, and I have found a simple way of achieving the tasks. HOWEVER it's not as simple as it may seem. Somewhere along the way I became a Nazi about it!! Not only did I do the chores, but suddenly I had a deadline in which to complete them. Let'

Top Five

Raising an active toddler has its stressful moments, but the good out weights the bad. So, in the midst of temper tantrums, food throwing, and middle of the night cries, here is what I am cherishing today. 1. Seeing my sweet boy run around the yard in his daddy over sized baseball cap chasing his new best friend Louie! 2. Sitting on the front pouch eating Popsicles and using an umbrella to shade us from the sun. 3. Teaching Eli the southern art of Sweet Tea. I made him a pitcher full for the first time today. 4. Watching my little man attempt to use a fork. Although a tantrum or two ensued, it was precious. 5. Bedtime prayers, sweet hymns and "Jesus Loves Me"

Hot Rods

After our failed attempt at getting Eli to behave at the drive-in, Eric and I were a little sceptical about heading to the Hot Rods game on Saturday. However, we had the tickets so we went. It was actually a lot of fun and Eli made it almost all the way through the game!! This is him saying, "cheese!" He's learning so early! Posin' with his Momma! I love my sweet boy!! Future MVP? Daddy is so proud of Eli's love of sports! Oh yeah! I have a funny story about the game. We were sitting on the upper level where the mascots never come. But all of a sudden Eli starts yelling, "There he is. There he is," and pointing behind us. Sure enough, Axil and Roscoe were gracing us with the presence. Poor guy had been looking for them the whole time!

DIY Project- Eli's Bathroom

I'm linking up with Traci from Beneath My Heart today where we are showing our DIY projects from April. So, I'm highlighting Eli's bathroom. It has actually been a slow evolution that began before we even had a house. I don't have any "before" pictures, but here is Eli's finished bathroom. While we were still renters, my former bosses wife gave us the bathroom set. We didn't have a place for it, so it sat in storage for a year and half. When we bought this house, it was literally a blank slate with white paint wall-to-wall. We painted before moving in and went with a beige from Home Depot. It was a perfect match for the set. I liked the bathroom, but knew it was lacking detail. Of course, we are on a limited budget so I couldn't just run out and buy new shelving and pictures. So, we waited. When my parents moved last month they gave us a black shelf they had found at a yard sell. Eric hung it up and I decorated it with jars from the Dollar Tree. O