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Puppy Love

The other day I told you that we went to a birthday party for Eli's friend, Kendall. What I didn't tell you was that from my boy is in L-O-V-E…LOVE!!!! Their fondness for each other goes all the way back to their toddler years when at the ripe old age of two they met at daycare.  Their  relationship has blossomed ever since.  Ha!  At three, Eli announced that he would marry Kendall, and at four he informed me that the wedding was off because his teachers told him that they could only be friends.  They are the best of friends, and from the looks of this picture, the wedding could be back on!  They didn't get put in the same Kindergarten class, but I think they are both adjusting to the separation.  After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  After Kendall's party, Eli asked if he could stay all night.  We had a long talk about our rules and that he could never, never, EVER stay all night with a girl until he was married.  About an

Beech Bend Park

After church, lunch, and a short nap for Mommy and Ellie, we headed to Beech Bend Park.  We let Eli choose EITHER the watermark or the amusement park.  He picked the water park, and it turned out to be a rotten idea,  Eli hates water in his face, but sometimes he will tolerate it.  Today was not the day.  There was a meltdown on the watersides, the kid area treehouse, and even the Lazy River when it dumped into the wave pool.  We even tried the old-fashioned, in-ground pool, but he face planted walking down the steps and now claims to have drowned.  Ha!  That's about the time we decided to leave…maybe next year. 

Our Saturday

Temperatures this summer have been really cool for this region of the country, but goodness August came to town and brought hot, HUMID conditions…just in time for some very special birthday parties! This morning I cleaned the house and did a few chores before me and the kids headed to Kendal's birthday party while Eric played golf with a buddy from college who's about to become a first time dad! Kendal's mom blew the party out of the water…no pun intended since it was a pool party. Ha!  Anyway, she served food out of (CLEAN) sand buckets, had sand art for the kids, a pinta and a ballon toss.  It was perfect! As you can see, Ellie was a fan of the cupcakes.  Ha!  She is such a little foodie.  Eric still wasn't done golfing when the party was over, so me and the kids headed home to play and work on the house.  I went ahead and gave them their baths so that we could have some family time when Eric got home.  He picked up a pizza o

Kicking Off Football Season

I had to leave work early today to make up some comp time, so I made a run to the grocery store and then headed back home cook up a special dinner for the kids.  All of our high schools kicked of their football seasons tonigh including Warren East where Eli will go.  Ya'll know I love myself some gridiron action, so I decided to throw a little INDOOR Tailgating Party.   The kids were thrilled with the festivities, and ready to head to their first high school football games!  As soon as we got there, Eli ran into Miles…his buddy from daycare and t-ball.  Since Eli went to school and Miles didn't it was quite the reunion.  Ya'll, there have been tears over this transition…they miss each other so much.  Ellie does not own a blue or yellow dress, so we had to improvise with a Texas sized bow.  This girl is fearless.  She was right in the middle of playing with Eli and Miles and even participated in jumping off the bleachers.  It was all fun and

Just A Few Thoughts

Ya'll, I feel so behind.  I get one area of my life organized and neglect another.  I can't seem to get it together, but I guess that's name of the game. Anyway, the past few weeks have been CRAZY, CRAZY with school starting and work schedules, and just ever day stuff….and I kinda love it. I'm almost caught up on blogging…almost!  I actually have some comp time tomorrow that I have to use, so I plan to go to the grocery, deep clean my house, and do a little organizing so that I can fully enjoy the weekend ahead. We some fun stuff planned since it is the next to last unofficial weekend of summer.  We have a birthday party to celebrate, a trip to Beech Bend Park in the works, Family Movie Night, and possibly a WEHS football game! Anyway, not much going on, just thought that I would pop in and share this picture which pretty much sums up mornings in the Watson home.  Eli is an ole grumpy butt while Ellie is all sunshine and lolly pops.  In case you're wonderi

Southern Summer Night

We pretty much do nothing on Sundays other than go to church, spend time as a family, and sometimes make a grocery store run…which I did this afternoon.   It was a pretty dreary day and so, so humid with all the rain!  Nonetheless, we entered outside after supper so that we could break open the watermelon from our neighbor. \ As you can see, Ellie thought it was the greatest thing she had ever experienced.  Ha! Eli was thrilled too, but not to the same extent.   While they were eating the watermelon, a rain storm blew up.  Eli has been wanting to play in the rain all summer, but it's been dry and most of the rain has come with lightening…but not tonight! It is was nothing more than a good, old-fashioned rain storm, I let both kids strip down and run around in the yard.  It's nights like this I am so, so thankful to live in the country where sporting your birthday suite is acceptable…until you're five!

A New Family Past Time

Last week Eric and his dad went to the PGA Golf Tournement in Louisville.  Ever since they got back, we our TV has spent quite a bit of time on the golf channel. Eli and Eric were already fans of the sport, and it looks like Ellie may follow in their footsteps.  Every night the three of them have been getting their clubs out and playing a few rounds in the back yard.  Poor Ellie hasn't graduated from a plastic set to new irons, but that may come later.  Who knows, I may even join them one day. Ha!

Children Of The Corn

Every year Eric grows our family a nice little vegetable garden, and tonight he let the kids tag along while he picked some of the harvest.  At first they were very interested, but after the excitement wore off, they were content to runs around the back yard.  " As for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it. He indeed bears fruit and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty.” - Matthew 13:23 My prayer is that Eric and I will be faithful in sewing spiritual seeds into the lives of our children, and that the Lord will send life-giving rains to help them grow into men and women who love him. 

A Special Dinner

Last night Eli had the choice of eating at Olive Garden following after his birthday party, but he decided to come home instead.  Since today was his real birthday we brought Olive Garden to him…and don't worry, that is Capri Sun in the wine glass! We set a fancy table, served breadsticks, salad and cheese ravioli. They are his favorite, and our homemade attempt was surprisingly good!   We tried to pretend we were at a restaurant, so Eric cut the labels off of the of the food and made a little menu. Ha!  It's the small things in life, ya'll!  We ended up surprising him with a little personal cake and a small, but much appreciated gift.  I am so grateful that this little guy celebrated his birthday on a Sunday when we could spend some precious time together as a family. 

Happy FIFTH Birthday

Sweet Boy, Today you turn five.  In all honesty, I thought I would be a little more nostalgic about the whole thing, but oddly I’m not.  Perhaps you starting Kindergarten and the accompanying emotions were enough of a precursor to keep this little letter from being overly sappy.  Now I’m picturing your 18 year-old self rolling your eyes with a sign of relief that I’m finally getting over these birthday emotions.  Another thought just occurred to me.  Your 18 year old self might not even read these letters, but some day you will, so I write. Today you turn five and one word keeps coming to the forefront of my mind…proud.  Eli, I am so very proud of the young man you are becoming.  You are mature.  Well, at least as mature as a five year old can possibly be.  You love listening, reading, and learning.  You are quick to catch on to things, and despite your size (since I won’t show you this until your 18, you are very small.  Oh, but don’t fret, I’m certain  you’ll grow, and p

OMG...We Have a Kindergartener

Eli started school today, and it was yet another reminder that time flies. It was a very big decision to start him.  He is young, not even five, yet so ready to spread his wings.   We prayed, researched, prayed, talked to his daycare teachers, and then prayed some more.  Finally, we  decided that he IS ready for this.  The problem is that everyone has an opinion on the issue, and the most common one is that he should be held back. And I agree, that in general terms, yes, young children, boys especially, should be held back.  I also believe that every child is different, and they don't all fit the same mold.  So with some opposition to our decision, we started this little, blonde, four-year-old in school.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have made the right decision for our family. All of that to say that bright and early this morning we loaded up the minivan, and headed for school.  First we dropped Ellie off at daycare which was the hard