Monday, August 11, 2014

A Special Dinner

Last night Eli had the choice of eating at Olive Garden following after his birthday party, but he decided to come home instead.  Since today was his real birthday we brought Olive Garden to him…and don't worry, that is Capri Sun in the wine glass!

We set a fancy table, served breadsticks, salad and cheese ravioli. They are his favorite, and our homemade attempt was surprisingly good!  

We tried to pretend we were at a restaurant, so Eric cut the labels off of the of the food and made a little menu. Ha!  It's the small things in life, ya'll! 

We ended up surprising him with a little personal cake and a small, but much appreciated gift. 

I am so grateful that this little guy celebrated his birthday on a Sunday when we could spend some precious time together as a family. 

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