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Drive In Movie

We had been planning for a few weeks to take Eli to the drive in movie with our favorite family ...THE Adkins! So, you can imagine my dismay when daycare called on Thursday to say Eli was sick. Luckily, he had a weak form of strep and would fine within 24 hours! So, last night we ventured to the drive-in. I should have known the night was not going to be as I had envisioned it, when we pulled up to the ATM to get cash. Already running late we were a little frustrated when the machine didn't give us our money. Three attempts and one phone call later we were on our way! We got Subway to eat in the car and Eli LOVED it. Since the boys didn't understand the concept of, "don't play in traffic," we put the van seats down and let them have free reign! Once the movie started it all went south! Owen was of course PERFECT! Meanwhile, Eli was throwing toys, crying and just a mess. I took him on a forty-five minute trip to get popcorn which was entertainment enough until I

Fit For A Princess

I was glued to the TV this morning watching the Royal Wedding. I'm so lucky to work for a television station where viewing the the festivities isn't against the job description. Think about it, I got PAID to watch the event of the decade!! Anyway, I was originally going to post about some work the Lord is doing in me, but I'm going to hold off until tomorrow or Sunday because I really want to get on my "soup box" about something. As I was watching the Royal Wedding a thought occurred to me that I want to share. MILLIONS of British little darlings were watching the ceremony and looking to their new role model, Kate. Before them stood a beautiful princess, composed, and modest. Meanwhile across the ocean in America, our daughters have role models like this. Loud, trashy, scandalous, and down right nasty. If I ever have a sweet girl, I would want her to know: You Are PRINCESS, because you are a daughter to the King Of Kings!! Corny, but true. You are beautiful and ch

What I'm Lovin

I know it's Thursday, but I just couldn't miss out on What I'm Lovin' this week because my heart is bursting JOY!! I was in the hospital last night with a ruptured ovarian cyst which is old hat after ten years of this mess. Although I'm not lovin' the spell I had, I'm lovin' that the doctors gave me shot for the pain that DID NOT leave me loopy. I'm also lovin' that my sweet husband took such great care of me, cooked dinner, cleaned much of the house and bathed Eli. I'm lovin' that we've stuck with our budget this month...GO US!! Speaking of budgets, I'm loving the Wonder File. Have you seen this? My parents got it for me for Christmas and it keeps bill paying so simple and organized! I'm lovin' that my baby boy has turned into the best, most wonderful sleeper in the world!! Not only does he sleep through the night, he sleeps like a log!! It is nothing short of a miracle. I'm lovin' that through the ye


Ya'll have probably noticed my decorating page and are wondering why on Earth I have it if I never post anything there. So, the time has come! You can read on the top of that page how decorating became an interest of mine, and soon I'll post pictures of my home and some of our projects. Until then, here is a little "behind the scenes" look on our shoe string decorating hobby. Eric and I got married straight out of college which meant we basically had a futon, a bed, a couch and some coffee tables to start our home. Of course we were new in our careers and couldn't afford to buy the a lot furniture. So we made the best of our situation by hitting up thrift stores, yard sells, and even dumpsters. Plus, we took just about everything that was offered to us from our parents. We have invested lots of time in refinishing furniture and have now decorated our entire home with hand-me-downs. In fact, the only "new" piece of furniture in our house is the cou

Easter Weekend

Last year we started a tradition we hope to continue with our family for years to come. For Easter both sets of our parents travel to Bowling Green to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Eric's mom and dad had a scheduling conflict this year and couldn't make it, but my family arrived on Friday night. We went back to their hotel to swim and pretty much relaxed the rest of the night. Saturday my brother and Eric went their own way while the rest of us headed to town. After some thrifting and lunch we took Eli to Chuck E' Cheese. As always, it was a major it! We then came home and cooked hamburgers and dyed eggs! After my parents went back to the hotel for the night I stayed up late setting the formal table and getting ready for the Easter Bunny. Eli has been sleeping so amazingly well this week and although it means early weekend mornings, it's a small price to pay!! He woke up at 7:00 Sunday morning and since he isn't allowed in our bed, I lied beside him in the

He Is Risen

Today we celebrate the EMPTY TOMB . It was the day Jesus conquered death, defeated sin, and arose from the dead!! (Easter 2010) Please join my family in praising our King of Kings and Lord of Lords for his love and sacrifice at Calvary !!

Puppy Love

The Easter Bunny dropped by our house a little early with an addition to our family. A Great White Pyrenees puppy named Louie!

Earth Day

Happy Earth day everyone! We did our part by planting a plum tree in our backyard. Here are my boys hard at work. Don't worry. It'll grow!

Cooking Up Memories

Mondays are kinda crazy around here because it's my cleaning day and lately Eric has been mowing. It's nice to have our work out of the way, but it means fast dinners. Last night was no exception. Here is Eli helping me make pizza. I think he may be a better cook than his momma. Although, that's not a major feet...HA!

Chaney's Egg Hunt

I rarely run late, but I was about five minutes behind schedule for yesterday's community Easter Egg hunt. Sadly, my lack of punctuality caused my sweet boy to miss out on the egg hunt. Apparently toddlers are great at finding them! Good thing he had not clue. I improvised and we took pictures with the Easter Bunny before heading to Chaney's Dairy Barn for some fun with the Adkins. Eric was at softball practice, but Eli LOVED sliding with Gabe and Owen. Me and my sweet boy enjoying the best ice cream EVER! I should totally be the spokeswoman for Chaney's! The boys also played in the kiddie area and enjoyed a wagon ride from Gabe! This Easter Bunny is slightly creepy, but Eli didn't seem to mind. So, we rolled with it! It was a great kick off to the week!