Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Lovin

I know it's Thursday, but I just couldn't miss out on What I'm Lovin' this week because my heart is bursting JOY!!

I was in the hospital last night with a ruptured ovarian cyst which is old hat after ten years of this mess. Although I'm not lovin' the spell I had, I'm lovin' that the doctors gave me shot for the pain that DID NOT leave me loopy. I'm also lovin' that my sweet husband took such great care of me, cooked dinner, cleaned much of the house and bathed Eli.

I'm lovin' that we've stuck with our budget this month...GO US!!

Speaking of budgets, I'm loving the Wonder File. Have you seen this? My parents got it for me for Christmas and it keeps bill paying so simple and organized!

I'm lovin' that my baby boy has turned into the best, most wonderful sleeper in the world!! Not only does he sleep through the night, he sleeps like a log!! It is nothing short of a miracle.

I'm lovin' that through the year of sleepless and depression that followed the Lord revealed himself to me in a new light. I fully intend to elaborate tomorrow, so come back!

I'm lovin' that we are now dog owners...welcome to the family Loui!

I'm lovin' that my family got to visit for Easter.

And as always, I'm lovin' my sweet boys!

What are you LOVIN?


  1. Love your blog! Great WILW post too! I'm a follower!

  2. Oh, your new pup is super cute!!! :)

    Love your list of "loves"...sticking to a budget is such a great sense of accomplishment!

    xx Cat brideblu

  3. Sorry to hear you had a cyst! If you ever need to call me to help with Eli when something happens please do (615)957-4742!!

    And i am lovin all the good things on your list!

  4. I am lovin' you sweet cousin! So proud of you. Feel better too!