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Four Months of Blessings

Last Thursday my baby boy celebrated his four month birthday. I can't believe it! Everyone said it would fly by...what an understatement. It seems like just yesterday Eric and I were fighting over whose turn it was to take the 3am feeding. Now we argue over who gets privilege of getting him out of the bed in the morning. (I'll explain later) My how the tables have turned! The thing that amazes me the most about my baby is his personality. So to all of you who have never met my little man, I can honestly say that pictures are not worth a thousand words. At least not in the case of Mr. Elijah Harold Watson. So, I would like to take you behind the pictures and introduce you to my boy. Every morning Eli wakes up cooing; never crying. One of us will quietly slip into his room and stand beside his bed until he looks up and sees us. Then this huge, gummy smile spreads across his face and his eyes light up. He is so excited to see his mommy and daddy and probably even more excited to