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Say What You Need To Say

I love that John Meyer song. (Say What You Need To Say). I don't necessarily think it's wise considering the Bible tells us to guard our tongues, but I do like it nonetheless.   It leaves me with the inspiration to write what I  need to write.  I'll try to be as tactful as possible, but brace yourself. I don't like to be Debbie Downer, but I do like to be real and sometimes that's a fine line.  Regardless, this is my blog which means it's life in my own words, and today I don't want to mince with any.  I am tired.  I am discouraged, and I am at the end of my rope.  Really, I am. I've already been burning the road at both ends between working full time, taking care of a household, and raising a family.  Throw in trying to make room and get ready for a baby, and you have the recipe for disaster. Well, things went from bad to worse today when work informed me that they will no longer be giving me paid maternity leave.  I am fully aware that they are w

Ready Or Not

  Ready or not, here comes the week...a BIG one!  As ya'll know, five weeks (that's 35 days, but who's counting) from today we will be holding our precious daughter in our arms.  I can hardly believe it!!  We are so excited, and so unprepared! As you read yesterday, we spent the entire weekend working and barely put a dent in our "to do" list.  However, it set the pace for what looks to be a week of great has to be!  My parents are coming into town on Friday to help us paint Ellie's nursery and finish up a few projects.  The problem is, the nursery is currently a playroom...a playroom that has yet to be cleaned out.  To say that my head is spinning would be the understatement of the century.  We have toys coming out the wazoo, and no where to put them for right now. Not to mention a slew of random baby items have recently taken up residency as well. AHH!! So, with the realization of what has to be done and time frame in which it m

Weekend Warriors

Ya'll we had a busy weekend full of baby preparations!  We hit the ground running on Saturday morning after sleeping until 8:30 !! Thanks Eli, Mommy appreciates the extra rest!  By the way, I love this picture we snapped before church this morning.  We spent the day cleaning out/washing/and organizing baby clothes.  It kills me to have to get rid of Eli's stuff, but we don't have room anymore.  I do plan on selling some of his things to help pay off the van...GO US!! Plus, Miss Ellie needs some closet space too.  Actually, she needs a lot of it!   While me and Little Man were busy inside, Eric spent the day working on the lockers that will go in Eli's room.  Then it was a quick trip to the Dollar Store, some quick showers, and finally dinner time!! We actually ate really well this weekend!  Eric made fried egg sandwiches on Friday.  They are fast, simple, and one of my favorites!  Then, I made homemade Banana Nut Bread for breakfast yesterday, and we h

The ABC's Of Me

I've seen this little survey floating through blog land, so I thought it would be fun to participate.  If nothing else, I'll be able to look back and laugh at some of the answers.  A. Age – 26  B. Bed size – Queen.  I actually bought our bed long before we were married.  I can't part with it to upsize. C . Chore that you hate - Folding the white.  Mainly because it takes forever, and it's all Eric's stuff. D. Dogs – Beau.  He's annoying, but Eric loves him.  I'm not an animal person. E. Essential start to your day – CAFFEINE!!  F. Favorite color – Pink and Yellow G. Gold or silver – Gold H. Height – 5' 2" I. Instruments you play – I sing...does that count? J . Job Title-— Morning Show Host K. Kids – Eli (3 ys) Ellie (in utero)  L . Live – Bowling Green M. Mother’s name – Vicki White (Victoria - which is Ellie's middle name) N. Nicknames – NONE! O. Overnight hospital stays – 2 times.  Eli's birth & my bowel ob

Ice Ice Baby

  We were predicted to get some ice this morning, I just somehow missed the memo that it would start before dawn.  So,  I was less than amused when I went to start my car and nearly busted my hind end on the side walk.  I ended up walking through the grass just to get some traction.   Assuming the roads would be as bad as my driveway, I  skipped my shower to hit the road.  Skipping a shower is a sure fire way to put me in a rotten mood!  Luckily, I can navigate my way through snow and ice.  Not so lucky, my balance....being 8 months pregnant and trying to skate (I mean walk) across the parking lot is NOT fun.  Needless to say, I was the than kind to my coworkers this morning. Eric and I decided that driving the back roads to daycare was too risky, so Eli could spend the day with me.  I didn't get much work done, but I sure did enjoy his company.  I think he really loved seeing himself in all the studio monitors and in front of the green screen!   After

Crazy With A Capital "C"

Today I left work sick.  I've left early many times, but never for being sick.  I don't think I would have gone home had my doctor's office not advised it. Regardless, it was a good decision because I ended up taking a three hour nap. I honestly think my exhaustion more than likely was the culprit of a wonderfully blessed week and a super crazy Wednesday.    After work yesterday I ran home to clean a little bit and do some laundry.  Then I picked Eli up at daycare.  We had to run a few errands and stop by the post office to mail the fabric for Ellie's curtains .  My dad working his magic, and I can't wait to see them.  I also sent a "get well" card to my aunt Karen who had a double mastectomy this morning.  PRAISE THE LORD the cancer is contained and her reconstructive surgery went well! After our errands Eli and I met Emma, Macy, and Abby Drew for a play date at Just Kiddin'.  It's an indoor playground with bouncy houses for the k

33 Weeks And A Few Things

How Far Along:    32 Weeks Size of baby:   Ellie is the size of a Durian fruit...whatever that is? Total Weight Gain/Loss:   I'm still about 6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight which means that I've stalled again.  Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it. Maternity Clothes:   It's been beyond freezing here, so I've been sporting lots of maternity pants which I loath.  Oh well, a warm up is on the horizon.   Gender:   It's a girl...Elizabeth Victoria Watson!!! Movement:   She's a great kicker...I'm talking make you pee in your pants kinda kicker! Sleep:  I almost laughed out loud on this one.  Read the randomness below for more information.  What I miss:  HMM, let's see...Diet Coke!! Cravings:  Nothing really.  I'm still really into fish, which I've never liked before.  Eric is loving this change, so we're planning on shrimp scampi this weekend...yum!! Symptoms :   I'm pretty irrational these days.

Showers Of Blessing

I know I've written about this before here on the blog, but we have the most amazing and loving church family.  I have never felt more welcomed anywhere in my life, and it is such a wonderful blessing to be apart of Smiths Grove Baptist Church. Doing life with our friends and the ladies involved in the Woman's Ministry has been a privilege, and I look forward to seeing them each and every week. As you know, we don't have "family" in town, but we do have a church family, and it is such as sweet blessing.  Last night the ladies of the church gathered to shower our little lady with love.  I was blown away by the turn out.  I guess when you have a small congregation every gets excited for babies.   We had tacos for dinner followed by Riley's Cake, and my all time favorite sweet treat...Tea Cookies!!  The decorations were so beautiful...and practical.  I'm going to use the centerpieces  for Ellie's nursery.  Al

Weekend Recap

We went to Lexington this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We're trying to fit in as many visits as possible before we have Ellie.  It's hard enough to travel with just one.  Anyway, we left on Friday night and made it into town fairly late.  The three hour drive and time change is a killer on us, so we relaxed.  Of course Eli didn't sleep all that well which should come as no surprise since this is a tradition when we travel.  The good news is that my parents let Eric and I snooze late while they got up with him. There is a new doughnut shop in town, and it's seriously better than Krispy Kreme.  That's actually what we had for breakfast, and I am so thankful to be pregnant an able to enjoy a few extra treats.  Ha! Saturday night we went to dinner with my whole family at Columbia's Steak House.  If you're ever in Lexington, you must try it.  AMAZING!!!  Their yearly "Night Hawk Special" always falls on my m

Jesus Love The Cardinals

Ya'll know that Eric has brainwashed our child into liking the Louisville Cardinals, right?  I mean I grew up in Cat country for crying out loud!  It never once dawned on me that my child would be one of "those" fans. I always joke that I was more worried about telling my Momma that Eric was a Cardinal fan than I would have been about telling my daddy that he wasn't Southern Baptist.  Lucky for me, he is at least one of those things...a Southern Baptist! SHEW. I should have known when our wedding cake was a "house divided" this could be bad.  I mean we aren't of the same political party affiliations either, but those conversations are much more civilized than ones about sports. Ha! Anyway, sense I don't give two hoots about basketball, I let Eric brainwash our son.  Eli is obsessed with the Cardinals and will not hear of any other team (especially the Cats.) So last night on our way back from the restaurant my brother had Eli in

Happy Birthday, Gigi

This is Eli singing at the top of his lungs a special little song for Gigi.. Happy Birthday!!!!

An Audience Of One

I'm not really sure how to start this post, but I know where I want to go with it, so please stick with me.  As many of you know, I'm a former pageant girl.  I spent six years of my life training, working, practicing, sweating, dieting and sacrificing in an effort to become Miss Kentucky. Ultimately, the Lord had other plans in store for me, but I am so grateful for the friendships, the memories, and the lessons I have taken away from my experience in pageantry. I have said it before, and I will say it again, pageants single handedly prepared me for my career in television more than any other training I received.  Please, don't get me wrong.  I attended one of the most elite and intense journalism programs in the nation at Western Kentucky University where I recieved a solid education and unparalleled training for the field.  My internship at WTVQ in Lexington, Kentucky gave me a real life look into the demands, the deadlines, the scrutiny and the nature of the business. 

32 Weeks And A Mini Vacay!

 (I do realize this is a sorry excuse for a picture, but I forgot to take one while I was still dolled up from work...sorry) How Far Along:    32 Weeks Size of baby:   Ellie is the size of a squash.   Total Weight Gain/Loss:   I'm still about 6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. This gives me a total weight gain of 21 pounds if you take into the consideration the 15 lbs I lost in my first trimester.  However,  nobody needs to know that I lost then gained that much weight, so we'll stick with 6 lbs...ha! Maternity Clothes:   Yep!  Maternity pretty much all the time these days.   Gender:   It's a girl...Elizabeth Victoria Watson!!! Movement: She's a sleepy head most days.  I feel her moving just enough to change positions or let me know she likes what I'm eating.  Sleep: I've been sleeping great, especially considering I got a night away in a hotel by myself...more details to follow. What I miss: Have I mentioned anything