Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Warriors

Ya'll we had a busy weekend full of baby preparations!  We hit the ground running on Saturday morning after sleeping until 8:30 !! Thanks Eli, Mommy appreciates the extra rest!  By the way, I love this picture we snapped before church this morning. 

We spent the day cleaning out/washing/and organizing baby clothes.  It kills me to have to get rid of Eli's stuff, but we don't have room anymore.  I do plan on selling some of his things to help pay off the van...GO US!! Plus, Miss Ellie needs some closet space too.  Actually, she needs a lot of it!  
While me and Little Man were busy inside, Eric spent the day working on the lockers that will go in Eli's room.  Then it was a quick trip to the Dollar Store, some quick showers, and finally dinner time!!

We actually ate really well this weekend!  Eric made fried egg sandwiches on Friday.  They are fast, simple, and one of my favorites!  Then, I made homemade Banana Nut Bread for breakfast yesterday, and we had grilled steak, fried orkra, salad, bread, and sauteed mushrooms for dinner..YUM!!

Today I mixed homemade vegetable soup for lunch.  We rounded out the weekend with homemade Shrimp Scampi and Red Lobster Biscuits for dinner.  I know, we're awesome!

Cooking wasn't the only thing we did today.  We made a pre-baby check list, cleaned out a closet, did some laundry, played with Eli, and wore the dog plum out.  Hahaha!  There were also a few snuggles on this cold, rainy Sunday.  

Oh yeah, there was also that moment when I dropped my iPhone in the dishwater.  Stupid Otter Box was NOT worth the money.  Guess a trip to the ATT Store is on the agenda tomorrow!

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  1. I want the fried egg sandwich recipe, and the shrimp scampi recipe!!