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Disney 2016: Day Five

Our last day at Disney proved to be interesting thanks to the incoming hurricane that would cut down the most magical place on earth.  Wanting to pack everything possible into our final day, we woke up bright and early to head to Magic Kingdom.   Ellie really lucked up this trip with getting to meet so many princesses.  After cramming as much as possible into the first two hours of the day, Ellie and I used our Fast Pass options to meet the princesses while Eric and Eli went to Space Mountain. You just have to love the detailing of Disney.  Right down to the Fairytale storybook. This trip was full of really special memories for me, like the moment Cinderella told Ellie that they shared a name since the mice call her Cinder-Ellie.  Bless it, my press pot was proud of that! Again,  I don't remember every detail of the day in order, but certain moments really stand out to me. For example, we Fast Passed Splash mountain and while the boys were using

Disney 2016: Day Four

If you will recall, our least favorite day last year was Epcot, so I really wanted to love it this year.  I still think it would be a lot better without younger kids because they just can't appreciate World Showcase, but Epcot Day ended up being one of my favorite this trip! As soon as we walked in, Eli and Eric headed to Soarin' because we used our Tier 1 Fast Pass on Frozen Ever After.  Ellie was too short to ride Soarin' so I sent the boys to ride and get me a Rider Swap while I took my time getting there with Ellie. Everyone else was rushing to one ride or another, so we were thrilled to walk right up to Daisy for a quick photo opportunity.  After the boys finished with Soarin! We did Living with the Land for the first time and really enjoyed the experience. Eric sat with Ellie so that I could use the Rider Swap to enjoy Soarin with Eli.  Then it was off to try different Cokes from abound the World. Again, I don't remember every single

Disney 2016: Day Three

I think it goes without saying that Magic Kingdom is my family's favorite park.  We love everything about it, so it was no problem waking the kiddos up and getting them to the park at an early hour.  If you're trying to pack a lot into your trip, I would recommend arriving for the Welcome Show and rope drop.  You can fit so many things into the first two hours of the day if you plan it right.  Once again, I don't remember every detail of the day so we'll stick with the highlights.  We headed straight to Barnstormer as soon as we got into the park. There is rarely a huge line for this attraction, so we did the "Stand-By" entrance rather than a Fast Pass.  Ellie was super brave and rode it with us without ever questioning what she was about to do. She absolutely loved it, so I think we may have a thrill seeker on our hands.  Ha! Dumbo is right next to Barn Stomper, so we walked off one ride and right on to the next.  The kids were actually