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Caption This Sunday

By now ya'll know that I love taking pictures of my kids dolled up on Sunday because it's pretty much the only day they are presentable.  I joke...sorta!  As you can see from these photos, the kids don't love this little tradition.  In fact, if these pictures had captions, I'm sure the little Watsons would have a lot to say.   For example, I think Eli looks like he is in great spirits and singing until you look below. He's actually say, "Really, Mom?  Why do you always do this." Of course he's just voicing what Ellie is already thinking.  Ha! They'll eventually get used it, or grow out of it.  Whatever comes first, but I'm not kicking this little habit of mine any time soon. 

2015 Egg Egg Hunt

Today was the annual Easter Eggstravaganza at church.  I took the kids because I had to work this afternoon, and I wanted a little quality time with them before I left.  It was  freezing this morning.  In fact, it was so cold that baseball practice was rescheduled which worked out perfectly for us. For the first time ever, Eli was in a different hunting group that Ellie was.  I let him help her in the baby hunt, and he was so sweet with her.   It was so much fun to see them together.  Ellie wanted nothing to do with the eggs until she realized that there was candy in them.  That's when she found some new motivation.  Ha! Eli was a little shy at first, but I think it was because he was overwhelmed at being reunited with Griffin!  Those boys just love each other.  Between the two of them, we now have more candy than we could possibly eat.  Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it was a lot of sweets. We had to rush off

If You Need Me

If ya'll need me for anything between now and June 2nd, I will probably be sitting in the bleachers somewhere with this little lady cheering on our favorite blondie! Sorry in advance for any lack of blogging.  Ok, I'm not sorry.  I love baseball!


Well, we didn't all wake up on the mend today.  I'm better, but Eric is actually worse.  Go figure.  Since we had one sick and one still asleep, me and this little gal headed to church by ourselves.   We spent the afternoon outside playing and ignoring the pile of laundry inside.  I forced myself to rest, or at least relax today because this next week is going to be a doozy.  I'm a little intimidated by it, actually.  But I know the only think I can do is take it "one day at a time."  Oh, and in case you're wondering why I am rambling…I needed an excuse to posts some pictures of Ellie's new dress.  My grandmother's friend once again blessed us with her talent.  We are so very thankful to have her love on our children.  

March Madness

I think it's appropriate that March Madness started this weekend, because that pretty much sums up the last two days.  Seriously, ya'll.  It's been ridiculous.  I've been battling a cold for a few days, so after work yesterday I was more than ready to crash.  However, we had to make a Wal-Mart run instead.  You can bet one fast food dinner later, I was in the recliner catching up on Scandal.  I'm feeling better today, but Eric is puny.  We declared it a "stay-at-home" day until we remember that it was County League day at our local sports stores, and we would save a bundle if we bought our baseball stuff TODAY! After a few naps from Mommy and Daddy and a little outdoor fun with this Sassy thing, we went to town for our essential items, and a quick dinner.  I hoping every is on the mend soon so that this chaos will go away and we can enjoy the real March Madness!

We Are Strong

  If ya’ll have been a long-time reader you already know that I am an H.B.B.Q – Has Been Beauty Queen.   I know pageants get a bad rep, but it’s a title that I carry with great pride because it means that I belong to a sisterhood of brave, strong women. I know (because I was always the underdog) that it may seem like pageant girls are the lucky ones with their toned, tanned bodies and Texas-sized hairdos.   But the truth is, that’s not what sets a pageant girl apart.   What makes a pageant girl so great is her ability to overcome, her ability to stare the odds straight in the face and defy them, and her ability to endure the road less traveled.   You see, beauty fades.   It just does.   After the babies come the hair deflates while the body inflates.   Those glossy lips are replaced by swollen eyes from all-nighters, and those crowns get moved off of the shelf and into the attic as they are replaced by the new trophies of motherhood and framed pictures of milestones begin to

Pinch Me

Happy Saint Patrick's Day !!! Love,  Eli and Ellie!

Disney On Ice

I don't know who was more excited about Disney on Ice, me or Ellie!  After her little party, my mom and I left to get to Rupp Arena on time.  We were super early, so we hit up the souvenir line before it got too crowded.   We grabbed Papa John's Pizza for dinner and took it to our FRONT ROW SEATS to eat.   Seriously, floor-level, front row.  My parents are awesome! Ellie was thrilled.  As soon as she got the first glimpse at Minnie Mouse, she was in a trance.  Ya'll the show was fantastic.  The musical selections were the best of each movie, and the costuming was extraordinary.  Bonus fact: I always wanted to be a figure skater.  It's true.  I'll share that story with you another time, but just know that Disney and ice are two of my favorite things.   Just so you know, the camera was not on zoom for these photos.  My mom truly outdid herself on this seats.  I feel so blessed to have experienced the show from our vantage poi

Minnie Mouse Party

Ellie had party number three today at my parent's house…and to think that I was feeling guilty for going low-key at home.  Ha! My brother and sister game along with their significant others.  Both of my grandmothers were there and so was a dear family friend.   And ya'll, they showered my babies with love…both of them.  You would not believe the toys we brought back with us.  Even Eli racked up with some new cars and basketball.  I have to tell you that I enjoy all of the pink, girlie, glittery goodness that is all over my house.  I never thought we would have as many Barbies as we do Monster Trucks, but it's getting close, and I love it! \ After opening all go the presents, we had a few minutes to visit with our guests before heading out to Disney On Ice!  I can't wait to show you all those pictures, so hand tight. 

Frozen At Nan's

We hadn't been to Nan and Grandad's house since Christmas, so it was time for a visit.  We were a little concerned that the weather would throw a spur in the wheel, but all of our stars aligned, and after work on Friday we loaded up the car and headed to Marion.   Nan and Grandad surprised Ellie with a little Frozen party.  There was cake, presents, and lots of Elsa decor.  Ellie was so thrilled and felt so special.  After our mini party we crashed for the night but were back at it on Saturday morning.  It was such a nice and relaxing day.  We played, and rested, and took our time getting ready.  Then we went to visit Aunt Emily before heading out for a family dinner.  Eli went to church with Nan and Grandad on Sunday while Eric and I spent a little one-on-one time with our two year old.  After a delicious BBQ lunch, we had to hit the road.   The kids fell asleep, which was NOT a good thing.  Don't  you worry. We scored parent points by waking

A Right of Passage

On Valentine's Day we bought Eli and BB Gun which just cracks me up because only in the South is it appropriate to show your love for someone by giving them a weapon.  Ha! Eli didn't ask for a gun, but Eric insisted that he would love it, and he was right.  Eli was so excited and promptly ran outside to shoot at Coke cans.  While this is certainly a "right of passage" for a boy, I can't help but marvel at the "right of passage" this for a father.  Just as I dream of the day I can take Ellie to Miss Kentucky and share that joy with her, Eric grew up wanting a son to share his passion with.   I have a hunch that next year when quail season rolls around, these boys of mine will find themselves going hunting most Saturdays, and I couldn't be happier for them!