Sunday, March 22, 2015


Well, we didn't all wake up on the mend today.  I'm better, but Eric is actually worse.  Go figure.  Since we had one sick and one still asleep, me and this little gal headed to church by ourselves.  

We spent the afternoon outside playing and ignoring the pile of laundry inside.  I forced myself to rest, or at least relax today because this next week is going to be a doozy.  I'm a little intimidated by it, actually.  But I know the only think I can do is take it "one day at a time." 

Oh, and in case you're wondering why I am rambling…I needed an excuse to posts some pictures of Ellie's new dress.  My grandmother's friend once again blessed us with her talent.  We are so very thankful to have her love on our children.  

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