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Let's Make A Deal

Tonight I felt drawn to this old space of mine.  The place where I documented the glorious yet overwhelming days of new motherhood.  The place were I introduced not one but two precious babies to the world. The place where I wrote about their every move and my every thought for many, many years. The place where I overshared and under edited.  The place that I gradually abandoned as the monotony of life found its way into the daily routines and the rhythms of our lives.  This place, it feels like home, and other than a few random "check-ins,"  I have been away for far too long.  Being here, pecking on this keyboard as fast as my little fingers can scurry, just feels right.  I knew when I walked away in 2016 that it was time. And until tonight, I haven't felt truly drawn to come back.   A funny thing happens as you journey through this life. It's called... life .  And, well, it's beautiful, and wonderful, and terrible, and glorious, and fun, and heartbreaking, and j