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Weekend Recap

Ya'll we have had the most wonderful weekend.  Friday was a doozie, so I was more than ready to veg out when I got home.  Eric made us some mazing burgers for dinner then we settled in for Family Movie Night and introduced the kids to the wonderful 90's cartoon…Rugrats. They loved it. This picture is of me and Eli snuggling during the movie, which is an extremely rare occurrence.  I know it's embarrassingly horrible of me, but I love the pure joy on Eli's face.  This kid keeps me on my toes! Saturday morning was Eli's ballgame and then we headed straight to WKU.  After the game, the kids got to shoot on the court and Eli was thrilled.   I had no idea that they did this, but I guess we leave so quickly after the evening games to get everyone home and in bed, that we never noticed it.  It was a hit! The Adkins family came to the game too, and it was so good getting to see them!  The boys were thrilled to be reunited, and can we talk abo

Midweek Musings

It's been an interesting week around here to say the least.  With the snow on Sunday, the tummy bug on Monday, and the tooth incident on Tuesday, I am ready to steady the pace a bit.  Ha! I took this picture of Eric and Ellie last night.  She was all dolled up in her Rapunzel dress, and Eric had Disney music on for them to dance to.  She eats it up, and he is so sweet with her.   She is one blessed little lady.  He's such a good Daddy! As I mentioned, not much to muse about this week since I have updated you on all of the earlier craziness of the week.

Never A Dull Moment

I know this won't shock you, but I have another Eli story.  Just as I was leaving an afternoon meeting, my phone rang.  Assuming it was a call I was expecting, I let it ring in my pocket while I tied up loose ends. When I got to the car about two minutes later, I was surprised to see that it was from Eli's school.  That's never a good thing...ever!  I didn't know if he was in trouble or injured.  Turns out that it was the latter of the two. Apparently, he fell during the Valentine's Day Party and knocked his front two teeth loose.  The school staff advised me to take him to the dentist to make sure that there was no long term damage.  I left work, drove all the way across town to pick him up then drove back to my original side of town to take him to the dentist who kindly fit us in for an unexpected appointment.   It took all of thirty seconds for the dentist to determine that Eli was fine.  His mouth his sore, but he is soon-to-be a littler ric

I'm Back!

Happy Snow Day #8, ya'll.  I had a little unexpected blogging hiatus thanks to a few crazy in I was home only ONE night each week.  I can't do that.  I NEED to be home.  I thrive on the order of a general routine, and it makes me feel out of sorts to be gone so much. We're being forced to slow down today, but not because of the snow.  Nope.  Both kids are sick.  Ellie woke up vomiting just as we were headed to bed, and Eli woke up with another kind of tummy trouble ;) They're both lounging around but seem to be on the upswing.  Eli even asked for a Pop Tart, which is good news.  I don't know what it is about being snowed in, but this exact same thing happened to us two years ago.  UGH! Anyway, after their morning sickness, they perked up enough to give me a little makeover, so I hope you enjoy these fabulous photos. On a different note...I keep hearing people say that they think this is the last snowfall of the year, but I disagr

My Funny Valentines

Happy Valentines Day! This morning the kids were thrilled to find a box of chocolates and a toy for each of them.  Eric is so good to us!  As you can see, some of us were more festively dressed than others.  Bless Ellie's little heart, she loves crowns and chocolate. After our morning gift exchange, we left for church around 10:00.  This is important because when we got home at 1:30, there was five inches of snow on the ground!  It was crazy. We tried to get a sibling picture, but it wasn't working to well for us.  Anyway, after the service we had a Valentine's luncheon to raise money for the youth's summer camp.  It was originally supposed to be a dinner, but the snow changed all of that.  Nonetheless, it was a beautiful afternoon. Back at home, we snuggled in and were happily lazy as we watched the snow fall.  I even took a nap before getting dinner ready for the kiddos.  They had spaghetti and Eric made us steak.  It was al

100 Days Smarter

Today was the 100th Day of School, and we celebrated BIG!   Eli's first-ever school project was to make something that represented the number 100, so we spent the past two nights glueing 100 cotton balls onto the poster board to make a snowman.  I know this is no masterpiece, but Eric didn't help and I didn't steal this from there's that! Coming from someone with ZERO creativity, I'm thrilled.  Here's my "old man" before school this morning.  If a six-year old playing a 100  year old was to be featured in GQ Magazine, this is what the spread would look like.  Haha!   Of course we had to get pictures with the project.  Ellie wasn't thrilled, but she was part of the morning fun too. This is blurry, but at school they popped 100 balloons in his classroom.  He's terrified of load noise, so this if how he participated…from the hall.  A group of kids were interviewed by a local televis

Midweek Musings

I know that I normally do these little weekly updates on Wednesday, but tomorrow is the 100th Day of School, so I will have plenty of other content to post.  Today I want to dump some photos from the phone and jot down a few little things to remind me of the ordinary moments in life. Friday I was in charge of helping with our monthly birthday celebration at work, so my "office mom" and I went to Sam's on our lunch break. She's the best, ya'll.  I hope to someday make work as fun for a newbie as she has for me! I took this picture one day last week too.  I try to get up every morning to shower and have my prayer time before the busyness of the day.  Since I threw out that last statement, I want to humbly admit that lately I haven't been getting up as early as I should, so that means an abbrieveted time (shame on me).   Anyway, Ellie woke up early this particular morning, and sat with me while I prayed.  I ended up praying over her the whole t