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Run For The Roses

In true Kentucky fashion, we are gearing up the Derby with some school run.  Today was the Kindergarten Derby at Eli's school, and he was so excited.   I'm not a betting lady, but if I was, I would totally have placed a bid this little jockey! Eli didn't win, but he thought he was in second place.  As you can see from the picture below, his persecutive is a off.  Oh well, at least he's positive!

Red And White Game

Today was insanely busy for us.  It took a lot of planning to pull it all off, but we survived and made a lot os sweet memories in the process.   Eric got in after the kids were in bed last night, and he was up and come before they woke up this morning because he was working the baseball pictures for out county league. Since I was solo with the kiddos, I decided to take them to the WKU Red & White game.  Getting out of the house is a sanity saver some days, plus I really love football! We picked up a jersey for a new kid on our team, grabbed lunch at Taco Bell, and watched part of the game.  It's gonna be a a great season!  Then we left early enough to make it to the team pictures…thank goodness!  I went to the wrong park.  15 STRESSFUL minutes later we were reunited with the team. I ended up leaving the kids at the park with Eric since we were one of the last group photos.  I had a special event for work that I had to attend.  I always hate lea

Friday Night Fun

Eric went out with his buddies tonight, so the kids and I made the most of this amazing weather. First we grabbed Happy Meals at McDonalds and took them to the park to play.  It's so much fun seeing how independent they become from year to year.  Look how high Eli can climb.  Wasn't I just having to hold him down the slide? Back at home we made popcorn and a pallet on the floor where we settled in for Family Movie Night!  I think it was a wonderful way to wrap up the week, and we have lots more fun planned for the weekend, so stick around...

Time Marches On

I light of our trip this past weekend, I had to do a comparison post.  The picture on top was taken in July 2013, and the bottom photo was made in April 2015.   What a difference two years makes!  

Alabama Trip: Day Three

Why is it that the weekends are never long enough, especially when you're visiting family?   It seemed like we had just gotten to Alabama when it was time to turn around and leave.  We got up this morning and went to church, and I really enjoyed the paster and his message!  Anyway, Eric's aunt taught Children's Church so all the kids (including Ellie) went to her class. After church we went back to the house to change clothes and pack up before heading to Eric's aunt and uncle's house for dinner.  After a quick trip to the store, it was time to leave.  The good news is that we will see everyone again soon with all of the fun things we have planned for the summer!!

Alabama Trip: Day Two

We had such a fun day!  After getting all the kiddos up and ready, we headed to Huntsville to take them to a cultural center/children's museum, and boy do we have some stories to tell.  There are sure to be mishaps and lots of laughs when you have three curious kids in tow.  That's exactly what happened today.  At one point we were in the a portion of the museum that mocks a coal mine.  Paisley pushed the button to get the exhibit rolling.   She forgot to tell my kids that it was noisy, and they flipped out.  They came running around corner screaming, "Momma, Momma!!"  Haha.  It shouldn't have been funny, but it was to me.   I'm pretty sure their future careers won't involve this energy source. Lunch was another story.  After a morning of fun at the museum and a short walk to the pizza parlor downtown, the kids were just worn plum out.  The older two were fine, but Ellie was a hot mess.  We've hit the independent stage, and s

Alabama Trip: Day One

Eric and I wanted to do something fun for the kids this Spring Break, but we also needed to be good stewards of our finances and vacation time since we have a big trip planned for this summer.  We decided to take off of work today and head to Alabama to visit with family.  We slept until about 8:00, packed our bags and hit the road.  Our first stop was Ollie's for some fishing gear.  Then we hit up Chick-fil-A before getting on the road.  The kids were excellent travelers this time, which gives me hope for Disney World.  We tried to make it fun for them (and cheap for us) by making a pit stop at the Rest Area just over the Alabama line.  Ya'll, kids have such low expectations.  We walked around the giant space shuttle, took our pictures in front of the Nasa photo booth, and let them get as many travel brochures as they could carry.  They were in hog heaven.  Ha! I guess that's proof that it's the little things in life.  If you look really, really

A Disney Update

This probably not going to interest the majority of you, but since I love reading Disney Blogs, I'm going to post about our upcoming trip.  Today was our day to book FastPasses.  Our window opened up at midnight (last night), so I stayed up to make sure we got what we wanted.  We ended up getting everything on our wish list except for the Frozen Sing-A-Long in Hollywood Studios.  It will actually be closed for refurbishment during our visit, so there is no way around it. (June 2010) Here's the thing about me and Eric, when it comes to traveling, we are NOT big planners.  So much of our life is routine that we feel like we're living on the edge when we "wing it."  The problem is, Disney is NOT a place where you can do that.  I have spent two and half years researching for this trip.  We even did two trial runs with one-day visits to Magic Kingdom so that we could test the waters. In case you are wondering, both days were a success! (June 2011) All of


Today is my one-year anniversary at work, and my goodness what a year it has been.   The week I started, Ellie got a horrible cold/eye infection, and the next week Eli got sick. Go figure! Along with the job and schedule, Eli started kindergarten, which was a huge, huge change for our family. Our life looks so much different today than it did this time last year.   Our house is messier, our laundry piles are higher, and our dinners are faster than ever.   But I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve not entirely mastered my daily routine, but I am getting closer and closer every day.   And the idea of having it all together is a tragic myth anyway.   What I have mastered, is accepting the blessing that has come to our family. We are able to better provide for our children and prepare for our future as a family and as a couple.   I say all the time that I have the best of all worlds.   I get to put my family first every single day.   I get to be there in the morning and experien