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Thoughts On Running

On Saturday I ran my first ever 5K...I was and still am, so pumped! I have always wanted to do a race, but never actually made it happen. Maybe I'm on to something!! So, here are my thoughts on running so far. 1. It's coming to me faster and easier than I ever imagined. Really. I tripled my run time in less than three weeks. 2. I need new shoes. Asics are the best for me, but mine are worn out. I've been rotating them with a pair of Brooks, but the arch support isn't quite as good. I'm in the market for a new pair of Asics 1100 series, so let me know if you see anything good out there. 3. I hate running outside. Yes, I know all the "real" runners are snickering at me, but I don't care. Keeping up with pace, heart rate, and distance while also watching traffic signals and listening for cars is just too much! I want to get on a treadmill and just go. 4. Since I'm doing most of my running inside, I really enjoy watching TV. Currently I

1st Hiking Trip of 2012

Yesterday morning started off a little out of the norm when our neighbor knocked on the door to tell us that Louie had destroyed her front porch. Luckily she was a little upset and exaggerated the story. Nonetheless, Louie had in fact, terrorized her porch with his muddy footprints. The mess had been their since Thursday's little episode, but they usually use their garage, so they were just finding out. Long story short, they were very appreciative that Eric stayed home from church to clean up. After Eli and I made it home, we ate a quick lunch and decided to take advantage of the beautiful day to do some hiking. Here I am with Louie who did an amazing job. Poor guy hiked his leg so many times he was out of pee before we finished the first trail. Eli rode in style in this backpack my mom bought us his first Christmas. I can't tell you how much we LOVE and use this. If you are a hiker/traveler with kids, it's a must!! This the the overlook on the second trail....just b

Sweet Saturday

We had a very lazy Saturday. Eric and I take turns sleeping late, so Eli and I spent the morning playing ball, playing cars, and watching Disney clips on youtube. Once Eric got up, I went to the gym and ran my first ever 5K!! More to come on that later!! While I was gone, Eric and Eli set a tent up in the house and played with Louie. We ate lunch when I got home, and while Eli napped, I took a bubble bath...loved it!!! We decided to take Eli to enjoy his first Hibachi dinner. As you can see, a toy car is a must for a stress free dining experience. My favorite part of the night was when Eli saw the flame. Sadly, he was terrified and wanted to sit in my lap until he was sure the chef would not be causing any more explosions. Too cute!! The good news is he LOVED Japanese food. Seriously, I have never seen this child eat so much in my life! In fact, he consumed and entire adult portion and I ate his.

The Time We Gave Louie A Bath

We'll ya'll, Louie decided to run away again last night during the monsoon. We drove up and down the road looking for him, crept around neighbor's houses, and yelled his name until about midnight. It was then that decided to go to bed. Sadly, he wasn't home this morning so I got yo rush home after the show to hunt him down. When I finally found him, he was COVERED in mud!! So we spent our Friday night bathing our 80 lb dog...not so fun!! Look at that nasty water! Don't worry we used lots of bleach to clean it out...ha! It was a wild and crazy Friday night at the Watson home!!!

Snowman Cookies

Today Eli and I had another Mommy/Son date, and we decided to get a little creative in the kitchen making Snowman cookies. It was pretty easy; all we needed were Vienna Fingers, White Chocolate and M&M's. First Eli helped me melt the chocolate... Then we dipped the Vienna Fingers in the chocolate and added M&M's to make the buttons. I used sprinkles for the nose and cake gel for the eyes and mouth. Now, I'm neither patient nor creative but I'm happy with the way they turned fun!!!

Day Dreaming

On this dreary Thursday morning I'm sitting here daydreaming of traveling this beautiful globe. I love to travel and so does Eric. Our Bucket List(s) both include visiting all 50 States, and while I have full confidence that this will happen, there are some specific trips I have in mind. 1. Washington D.C. - I have been twice before and I LOVE it. I love the energy, the charm, the history, the dining....all of it!! Problem is, Eric has never been. Can you guess where we are going on our anniversary trip this year? 2. Baseball Tour - whenever we travel, we always hit up Major League fields. It's something my boys enjoy, so I'm always happy to tag along. What better way to see the Northeast than take a train to see teams like The Nationals, The Oriels, The Pirates, The Phillies, The Mets, The Yankees, and The Red Sox? 3. New York City At Christmas Time: I don't want to just go to the Big Apple any ole' time. I want to go during Christmas. I want to stay in

Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone

Ya'll we have had an eventful few days around the Watson home thanks to our not so little dog. Turns out he can jump out of his six foot high kennel. Not good. My sick hubby has been forced to deal with our little escapee in the mornings. The good news is I think it's something we can fix this weekend...we hope!! It all started when the colder air brought us indoors. Louie would run off in the afternoons, but stay close to the house in the evenings. About a month ago he figured out that night time wasn't so off he goes mainly to terrorize cats and eat chickens...rrh! Needless to say, his new bravery forced us to buy an underground fence which he continues to jump through. That's what landed him in the kennel. Turns out this dog can't be contained. So that means we are in the process of hiring a trainer. If this doesn't work, Louie will have to find a new home, not because we don't like him but because it's not fair to keep such a larg

Weekend Recap

We had another great weekend with Eric's parents. They actually came to Bowling Green for a little visit which was nice! Friday night we stayed around the house, but Saturday was a little more busy. I got up to go for my long run only to discover that the van battery was about dead. It was actually a big relief because I was afraid it was the starter which would have been more expensive!! Anyway, by the time I got it replaced I only had a few extra minutes for the gym. Nonetheless, I DOUBLED my run time...sweet! After a quick shower it was off to the WKU game. Eli was in Heaven because Colby and basketball were happening at the same time...ha!! Love the cheesy grin! After the game we grabbed a quick lunch at Buckhead and went shopping. I was able to pick up a new running shirt for only $4...score!! We ended up grabbing Chick-fil-A on the way home, and spent the rest of the night just hanging out. Sunday morning we all got up and went to church. Afterwards we had another nice

A Little Motivation

Well, today is my long run. By long I mean more than two miles. In a way I'm proud of that, but in a way I'm embarrassed. I'll be running a Mini Marathon in October, so I'm training hardcore to go from 2 miles a day to 13.1. Sometimes pinterest quotes can be just what you today!!

My Towanda Moment

Have ya'll ever seen the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"? I realize that if you're a southern gal, it's like asking the Pope if he's Catholic...sorry! Regardless of your geographic location, if you've ever seen the movie one scene (besides the one where they BBQ Frank Bennett) stands out in your mind. In it Kathy Bates' character is at Win Dixie waiting on a parking spot when two young girls cut her off. When she yells out the window at them they say "Face it lady, where younger and faster." Immediately Bates starts plowing her full size sedan into the back of their compact car all the while yelling "TOWANDA!!" at the top of her lungs. When the girls emerge from the store horrified she responds, "Face it girls. I'm older and I have more insurance." Haha! A fine moment in cinema history! Well, I had a "Towanda" moment yesterday. Don't worry though, I didn't take out any cars. It all started when I

Our Super Sweet Day

Today is Thursday which means it's Mommy/ Son Date time. Since our books were due back at the library I took advantage and let Eli check out a few new ones. It's always so sweet to see what he picks. After the library we went to Wendy's for a sweat treat...a frosty. I knew he wouldn't eat but maybe three bites, but I love our little conversations. He's so sweet telling me about his day, and playing ball, and Louie! After our date, we went home to get ready for Desserts Firsts. It's a major fundraiser for Girl Scouts where area chefs use their cookies to make some sweet recipes!! We took Eli along, and as you can see by his face, he thought it was sweet too!! I know that I totally doped my toddler up on sweets , but we did give him real dinner when we got home. Then we watched a movie together as a family and stayed with our boy until he was asleep, and that my friends was the sweetest part of our day!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the best Gigi and kid could ask for!! I LOVE YOU, Eli

Weekend Recap

We had very low key weekend at home doing a lot of nothing, but sometimes that exactly what you need! We started it on Friday night by playing a little baseball and coloring. Eli request spaghetti for dinner and even though it totally messed up my diet, I splurged. Because who wouldn't want to see this face full of bliss?? I got up with Eli on Saturday morning and we played until Daddy woke up. Then it was off to the gym and grocery for me. When I got home I watched Cars with him until he fell asleep. Of course I watched Miss America Saturday night. Meanwhile my boys played Batman. Be Still My Heart!! Sunday was church, of course, followed by a yummy lunch and lots of relaxing. Oh, and a funny side bar. Eli got a new coat and kept telling everyone it was his "pee" coat. Love his heart! It's a terrible picture of me, but I had to share since he was so proud! Hope you had a good one too!!