Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had very low key weekend at home doing a lot of nothing, but sometimes that exactly what you need! We started it on Friday night by playing a little baseball and coloring.
Eli request spaghetti for dinner and even though it totally messed up my diet, I splurged. Because who wouldn't want to see this face full of bliss??
I got up with Eli on Saturday morning and we played until Daddy woke up. Then it was off to the gym and grocery for me.
When I got home I watched Cars with him until he fell asleep. Of course I watched Miss America Saturday night. Meanwhile my boys played Batman.
Be Still My Heart!!
Sunday was church, of course, followed by a yummy lunch and lots of relaxing.
Oh, and a funny side bar. Eli got a new coat and kept telling everyone it was his "pee" coat. Love his heart! It's a terrible picture of me, but I had to share since he was so proud!
Hope you had a good one too!!

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