Monday, July 21, 2014

Running Through The Sprinkler

Playing in the sprinkler was on our summer bucket list.  To me it seems weird just checking if off and moving on to the next activity because when I was younger, we ran through a sprinkler pretty much every day.  Putting it under the trampoline and letting it keep all the "jumpers" cool, was a favorite pastime.

I cringe now. What the heck were we doing with eight kids on a net-free trampoline anyway? Ha!

Back to the present…Eric treated the pool yesterday, so we couldn't swim which made it the perfect night to drag out the water hose and sprinkler.  

Neither child loved it at first, so we turned down the pressure.  They slowly but surely warmed up to it. 

Bless her little heart, Ellie stood right in the middle and took a direct hit.  She would make the worst face you've ever seen then cry ridiculsouly if you tried to move her. 

Eli ran straight though the middle with his eyes closed.  Thank goodness our yard is basically an open field.  And yes, Eli is in his underwear.  We live in the sticks, ya'll. Might as well embrace it.  Just be glad he's wearing anything at all because he wanted to go naked. 

Once Ellie started getting braver, she stood right in the middle and tried to drink the water.  She looked like a little puppy-dog trying to lap it all up.  Ha! It was such a fun and blessed night.  I am so thankful for making these memories. 


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