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Anniversary Trip: Day Three

Remember in my last post when I said that Eric and I are getting old?  It's true, and we were reminded of this fact on Sunday morning we neither of us could sleep past 7:30, which is 6:30 our time.  After getting ready and checking out of the hotel, we decided to go shopping, but none of the stores were open.  We ended up eating an early lunch before heading home.  Since we weren't scheduled to meet my parents until later that afternoon to get the kids, we needed something to pass the time.  Randomly, we decided to check out the Jim Beam distillery.  To put your minds at ease, we did not sample the Bourbon, however, in full disclousre I might have had it not been a Sunday. Ha! It was a beautiful place and very fascinating historically.   We enjoyed a walking around the facilities on the most perfect, fall-like day!  You can take guided tours of the distillery, but we didn't have time, so we did the walking tour of the grounds around the main hous

Anniversary Trip: Day Two

We started Day Two of our anniversary trip at the Kentucky State Fair.  Growing up, my family went every year, and despite a few disastrous circumstances, I have some very fond memories of our trips.  Eric and I also enjoyed our very first date at the State Fair back in 2007, so it was only fitting that we make some time to visit while we were in Louisville.  We started our little tour with breakfast in the Kentucky Proud tent, which is the best place to eat in my opinion.  I had a ribeye steak sandwich that was to die for.  Seriously, it was amazing!  Then we strolled through the barns, 4-H exhibits,  Pride of the Counties and the flee market.  Back outside, I rode a bull.  Granted, it was stuffed, stationary, small, and not mechanical, but the kids were still impressed when we showed them the pictures. Ha! After this stud muffin won us a pair of sunglasses from Tractor Supply Company, we decided we had worked up an appetite and that we should eat, so we headed back to

Anniversary Trip: Day One

Every year, Eric and I take an anniversary trip.  It's something we look forward to all year long, and we make sure to make it a priority by saving money or by getting creative with our funds.  I'm just going to be honest and go ahead and say that it's usually the latter.  Ha!  We were originally supposed to go Disney World but decided on a whim to take the kids so that we could take advantage of an awesome deal they were offering.  This change means that we were going to have to come up with something else and on the cheap.  Well, an opportunity presented itself this week, and we were able to get the Brown Hotel in Louisville at an OUTSTANDING rate!  Side bar: this is where my parents honeymooned shortly after it reopened.   The timing of this trip couldn't have been more perfect because after a long and crazy summer, we needed a little get-a-way.  Several years ago, we were blessed with a free trip to French Lick and have wanted to stay in another hist

Weekend Recap

We have had another amazing weekend.  Nan and Grandad came in for a little visit yesterday.  We did a little shopping, ate at Olive Garden, and spoiled the kids just a bit. We had church this morning, and this is the best picture I could get of the kids together. Luckily, they were a little more accommodating when I asked them to pose by themselves.  Ha! Now we are making the most of our Sunday by resting and spending time together as a family. 

Friday Fun

Eli's summer camp ended this week, so he has spent the past two days hanging out with Brett and having the time of his life.  They've gone bowling, to lunch and to the Jump Air Zone, so it's been a fun few days.  They were in town this afternoon, so Brett dropped Eli off at work to spend the last hour with me. I had to go to take some pictures, so Eli tagged along.  He and another little girl became instant friends and climbed around on some boxes while we worked. As we were leaving, the most amazing storm blew in.  Ya'll know I appreciate some good weather pictures.  I don't know if it comes from being married to a weather geek or from working in television, but in either case, I love what I was able to capture. We got just a little wet running from the car to the office, but we finished the day working hard.  Ok, I worked hard.  Eli played on the laptop.  Haha!  This time next week, school will be in full swing.

A Clean Bill of Health!

We had to go back to Nashville today for a follow-up on Eli's surgery.  Eric had a doctor appointment in the morning, and then we hit the road. I'm happy to report that we got a clean bill of health and doesn't have to be seen again for another year.  God is so good, ya'll! We had planned on staying in Nashville after the appointment, but since we got out so quickly, we knew we could make it home before rush hour, we we headed home. The kids spent the evening playing, and we spent the evening relaxing.  We are grateful for all the prayers.  Vandy is a wonderful place and the care we received was amazing.

Ralphie's Fun Center

We decided on a whim tonight that we should get out of the house for a little family fun, so we headed to Ralphie's Fun Center is Glasgow after supper.  Ellie was a little overdressed for the occasion, bless her little heart. The place was empty, so the workers let me and Ellie watch the boys play Laser Tag.  I ca't remember who won, but they loved it.  When time ran out, we let them pick one fore activity before we left, and they chose the bouncy houses, which gave Eric and I chance to relax while they played. We rounded out the evening with a trip to McDonald's for ice cream and for them to play on the playground.  Ellie was a little intimated by the size of it, but Eli loved every second.  We ended up staying out a little too late, so bedtime came as soon as we got home. It was such a fun little family evening and a nice treat before school starts back.