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Dr. Dunkenstein

I mentioned yesterday that Eli was staying with my in-laws.  Well, we were finally reunited tonight.  We met Eric's parents in Owensboro which was a win-win for everyone.  I got my boy, and Eric, Eli and Colby got to meet Dr. Dunkenstein. In case you're like me and have no clue who that is, he was a Louisville basketball player in the 1980s who also made it in the NBA as part of the Utah Jazz.  Ya'll the man has a 48 inch vertical jump!  Anyway, the boys were excited to attend the meet and greet. Eric is a photshop wiz and made a custom poster for him to sign.  Dr. Dunkenstein was so impressed with my husband's skills that  he requested a copy for himself!  I am so excited for Eric; his favorite basketball player took notice of this talent. It's funny because Dr. Dunkentsein, whose real name -by the way- is Darrell Griffith, used to be part of the "Just Say No" campaign.  My mother-in-law happened to save a bunch of his cards from s

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend hanging out in Marion with Eric's family.  We actually left on Thursday after work.  When we made it, we ate some BBQ and hung out before bed.  I spent Friday poolside before dinner and a quick trip to Wal-Mart.  Saturday was much more of the same only this time Eli was able to hang out with his cousins in the pool.  We had a fish fry Saturday night along with homemade ice cream....YUM!! I had to take a picture of the boys because Colby follwed Eric-Jiles followed Colby-Sammy followed Jiles-Eli followed Sammy.  They were like little shadows walking about. I bet you can't guess what I did on Sunday?  Ha!  If you said more pool time, you'd be right!  We soaked up the sun and enjoyed one more family grill out before heading back to Bowling Green. Lucky for us, Eric's mom wanted to watch Eli for a few days, so we made the drive back in peace and quiet. I had to work yesterday morning, but when I got off I

Honoring Our Heroes

On this day, as we sleep late, hit the swimming pools, and fire up the grills, let us not forget those who have paid the price for these freedoms. Thank you to the men and women who so bravely serve our country...Happy Memorial Day.

Put Your Goggles On

Ya'll, we're swimming today and Eli had a little dilemma.   He can't decide which pair of goggles best match his swim diapers... the black shaded or the face-mask? Which do you think??

Our Healthy Little Treat

Ya'll Eli is in this stage where he wants to make cupcakes and sing "Happy Birthday" pretty much every day of this life.  Here's the thing, I hate cooking and even if I did like it, I'd be as big as a butterball from all the extra calories. Well lucky for my little man, this little website called pinterest (have you heard of it)  has come great ideas for healthy (er) this Funfetti Sprite cake.   Basically you use the cake mix and 12 oz of Sprite.  Leave all the other ingredients out and...ta have a low cal, yummy dessert!   Not only is it super easy; it's also kid friendly.  Eli can literally help with every single step without making a huge mess.  Have I mentioned how easy clean-up is? Because there are no eggs, you get to eat the batter without worrying about Salmonella.  Seeing as my husband has already had it, this is a major perk! As for the finished product, we topped them with low fa

Why My Vote Didn't Count

Well ya'll, I performed my civic duty today by voting in Kentucky's Primary election, although I probably should have saved the trip.  This may shock a lot of you not from here, but even though this is a VERY conservative state, most people are registered Democrat...which means I rarely get to vote. Now before we get into a political debate, let me explain something.  I have NEVER voted a straight ticket...until today...which is the point of this post. Anyway,  I just don't think it's right. Instead, I believe it is important to vote for each office based on the candidate who would best serve the public.  Thus, I have voted for democrats, republicans, and independents.   Moving on.  This afternoon I swung by the precinct to vote.  Sadly, the only say I had was in was the republican candidate to run in the presidential race.  Of course Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul were on the ballad.  Thus, I voted my first  straight ticket. Of course the  republican

A Little Dirt Won't Hurt

Ya'll, I adore having a son. Where I dreamed of dresses and Barbies, God has blessed me with baseball hats and bats.  And you know what, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Nothing melts my heart more than a little boy covered from head to toe in dirt.   To me it showcases their adventurous spirit and zealous quest toward manhood.  It's an honor to raise a boy, and here is a look at a little man in training.  After an hour of playing baseball in the backyard, we have one sweet and sweaty boy! Just look at those glad Daddy  took care of that one! No really sure what was going on here, but I think he may have been giving me the sign for number one? Just to show you what was exposed to the dirt compared to what was covered.  Haha!  Let's just say that bath time was more challenging than normal, but oh, so worth it!!

Weekend Recap

We had such an exciting weekend thanks to a much overdue visit from my parents.  They got here on Friday night, so we spent some time hanging out on the front porch and playing with iphone apps. Oh the excitement!! On Saturday we woke up and got to work mulching the front landscaping.  If you recall, it won out on my Mother's Day wish list!  My dad was a huge help, and I'm pretty sure Mom enjoyed playing with Eli while we worked! After cleaning up, we had lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  Then it was off to Chuck E Cheese for some quality time with Eli.  We all ended up playing games, so Eli racked up on the tickets! After Chuck E Cheese, we went to Chaney's Dairy Barn for a sweet treat and more fun.  My mom had never been, so she enjoyed watching Eli play on the swing set. We went to a furniture store and ran a few more errands before heading back home to grill our burgers and watch a movie together. Mom and Dad had to leave by

Hot Rods...Again!

Last night Eric got tickets to another Hot Rods game through work.  We decided to take advantage them by having a family outing.  Eli is still free, so it really makes things easy.  For this game we were in far left field...I think?!?! Regardless, Eli spent the first half hour with glove in hand trying to catch a foul ball.  A few came our way, but after seeing all the crazy adults fight kids to get one, we decided to let the big kid run after them.  You know, so we wouldn't end up on youtube. Eli tried to con us into more souvenirs, but we stood our ground.  Although, he may or may not have gotten a hotdog and nachos....Mommy and Daddy did indulge too! We even treated our little guy to some ice cream after the game.  Yum!!

Story Time with Eli

Ya'll know Eli is a mess and pretty much says whatever comes to the tip of tongue.  I'm always asking Eric what we're going to do if our next baby isn't as entertaining.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you one of Eli's finer moments from the weekend. We are potty training (which is about month's worth of posts in itself), and sometimes we have accidents.  By "we"  I mean Eli.  Eric and I are very much potty trained...just to clarify!  Back to the story, Saturday afternoon Eli had a little bout with bodily function number two. After cleaning him up, I decided to let him go commando for about 15 minutes until bath time.  While he waited, I gave him a candy cane to munch know a left over treat from Christmas that's still in date thanks to high dosses of perceptiveness. Don't judge! Anyway, while eating his little treat, Eli was hit with the sudden urge to perform bodily function number one.  Not wanting another accident I rushed

A Mother's Prayer

Don't let this shock you, Eli has had several rough nights here recently.  Honestly, I'm not sure what is going on other than he is inconsolable.  How is it possible to infuriate me and break my heart at the same time? Anyway, I find myself angry and desperate in the darkness of the night as I ramble a slew of Bible verses to the Lord in a sleepy attempt at prayer.  After nearly three years of exhausting nights, I decided to take those verses and attempt to string them into a coherent plea.  Please feel free to read no further as this is for my personal reference.  However, should your weary heart and body need our Father today, please join me in this Mother's Prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, I come into your presence humbled before your throne as I seek your wisdom and strength in this ministry of motherhood.  Sleeplessness and exhaustion seem to be theme in this story, and despite my present state, you are there to lift me up.  You tell me to come to you when I'm

Mother's Day.

This post is going to kinda be all over the place, so good luck.   Yesterday I celebrated my FOURTH Mother's Day.  Can someone tell me how that is even possible?  I have to tell you that I am so honored to  have a husband who goes above and beyond to show me appreciation and respect.  Maybe because this is the first Mother's Day it was "just us," or maybe because this is the first Mother's Day I'm not sleep deprived...whatever the was the best! It started with sleeping in while Eric got up with Eli.  Then my two boys served me breakfast in bed.  After church they treated me to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Samuri, and then they let me sit on the couch and watch Lifetime movies all day! I am so grateful to have husband who takes such amazing care of me.  In 2009 he bought me a Designing Women DVD, bath soaps (because of some pregnancy skin problems I had,) and a Prenatal Massage (for all the aches and pains.)   In 2010

Weekend Recap

So I told you the rest of the weekend was better.  I give all credit to God who provided us all with a nice, long nap!  Eli woke up in much better spirits, and because of his changed attitude, we rewarded him with a Hot Rods game.   Of course the treat was made better by Owen's attendance.  It was a dreary night, but the boys were so happy to see each other that we just couldn't make them part ways.   We splurged on some ballpark treats and hit up White Castle on the way home...classy!  I was craving those sliders, and no I am not pregnant...just hungry!   This morning we went to church and then Eric and Eli treated me like a queen for Mother's Day.  I'll post more later, but I wanted to show you our attempt at an annual picture.  We just can't pose at the same time...I cherish them nonetheless...hope you had a great weekend!

A Camping We Will Go

Eric and I love to go camping, and often get to take extra trips thanks to living so close to a national park.  We've tried camping in the backyard and a cabin with Eli, and both were a disaster.  Nonetheless, we braved yet another attempt last night.  Scary...I know! Eric worked through lunch and then we loaded up the van.  I should have known when Eli asked if we were going to Disney World that camping might me a stretch.  Aside from dropping the eggs, things started out great.  In fact, Eli was pretty agreeable while we put up the tent. It was while Eric was cooking dinner that things took a downward spiral.  My sweet boy tripped into this toddler tizzy and refused to obey.  He threw about a zillion fits, and whined constantly.  Poor guy spent more time in trouble than out of it. After dinner I got him ready for bed.  Wouldn't you know that as soon as I brought him back to the tent, he had a major blowout...rrh!  Back to the bathrooms we went.  Only his bo