Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Story Time with Eli

Ya'll know Eli is a mess and pretty much says whatever comes to the tip of tongue.  I'm always asking Eric what we're going to do if our next baby isn't as entertaining.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you one of Eli's finer moments from the weekend.

We are potty training (which is about month's worth of posts in itself), and sometimes we have accidents.  By "we"  I mean Eli.  Eric and I are very much potty trained...just to clarify!  Back to the story, Saturday afternoon Eli had a little bout with bodily function number two. After cleaning him up, I decided to let him go commando for about 15 minutes until bath time.  While he waited, I gave him a candy cane to munch know a left over treat from Christmas that's still in date thanks to high dosses of perceptiveness.

Don't judge!

Anyway, while eating his little treat, Eli was hit with the sudden urge to perform bodily function number one.  Not wanting another accident I rushed his little bear-bottom to the bathroom.  After doing his business, Eli sees a little something on the upper inside portion of his leg.  Let's just say with was a little leftover treat from the candy cane.

He quickly pulls it off and holds it proudly for all to see while announcing..."Mom, look.  Santa's been here."

Haha...not quite son!

Of course Eric and I lose all composure and bust out laughing.  It's at this point that Eric informs me it's time to find a new Santa.  Oh yeah, and to start wearing pants!

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