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Our Week (a few weeks ago)

I wrote this post about three weeks ago, but never posted it. Anyway better late than never... Ya'll, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger this past week or so! We have been so, so busy. Actually, social is probably a better word, but whatever! Normally, I would try to post a little each day, but since that isn't going to happen, here is an overview...of last week: Monday : I ran with Sarah! It is so nice having a friend with a common goal and a sweet little boy too! She's a little (and my little I mean A LOT) ahead of me, but it's fun. Anyway, after running I picked up Eli and we just hung out at home. Tuesday: I ran at the gym, got my hair cut, and went to the grocery after work. We had the Lindsey Family over for dinner, and so enjoyed Emma Kate, Macy and Abbie Drew! Poor little Eli cried when those darlings left! Wednesday: I met Sarah at the gym again and then we went to see Sabrina, Justin and sweet baby Griffin. Please keep the

Our Weekend

So, I've been a terrible blogger as of late! BOO!! I have been so busy living life, that I haven't documented it too well. I didn't take pictures this weekend, but I would like to recap for my sake. Friday night we were EXHAUSTED, so we grilled steak and played with Eli. That's pretty much it. We watched "101 Ways To Leave a Game Show" and fell asleep. Saturday morning I got up with Eli and let Eric sleep. We watched cartoons, played ball, and generally lounged around. I'm a TERRIBLE cook, but I tried my hand at iced-coffee. It was surprisingly good and we've had it every night since. Anyway, I used my birthday money for a "Front Porch Make-Over" which I will show you later this week. Eric spent his day painting the wicker chairs. Kudos to him because it was insanely hot! Saturday night we went to our church softball game. Funny story for those of you who know me. We were short women, and in coed sports that is apparently bad! So

Then And Now

Ya'll it's official. I'm a H-B-B-Q. Has Been Beauty Queen!! So, in honor of Miss Kentucky week I would like to compare my life as a beauty queen with my life as a mommy. Way back then I ran 20 miles a week, did 600 sit-ups a day and weight lifted 3x a week. Now: I lift a fork to my mouth for exercise. Then: I wore custom designed dresses worth thousands of dollars. Now: I shop at Goodwill..and I am darn proud of it!! Then: I glued my swimsuit to by butt. Now: I'm lucky if my swimsuit covers my butt. Then: I used baby wipes to remove butt glue. Now: I use wipes to remove baby poop. Then: I knew my opinion on every major and minor current event within the past decade. Now: I know every song on the Yo Gabba Gabba DVD. Then: I sang Broadway classics for my talent. Now: I sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" about a million times a day. Then: I waxed my eyebrows, whitened my teeth, and did my nails. Now: I look like a wooly mammoth and occasionally get

Wednesday Randoms

It's sorta one of those blah days for me! I'm super exhausted from a long weekend and little rest. I'm sure you're not going to believe this, but Eli isn't sleeping well. Haha!! To top things off, I have a major crick in my neck thanks to bringing him into our bed. I sorta of have baby fever until 2:00 in the morning when I remember that my current baby won't sleep. I need to go to the grocery, clean, do laundry and exercise but all of those are highly unlikely today. I want to lay out, but it's either dangerously hot or pouring down rain. So, my Florida tan is fading...BOO!! I miss my family like crazy. Eli has been excessively grumpy this week which could be from our lack of routine, sleep deprivation, or cutting teeth. I want to go home and nap but I feel guilty that Eric doesn't get to. I guess I'll head to McDonald for ANOTHER large coffee. On a brighter note, it's hump day. (That would be Wednesday for those of you when your heads in t

When It Rains; It Pours

As the old saying goes, "when it rains, it pours." Friday Eric and I were supposed to pick up Eli from my in-laws house. However, Eric got a stomach virus that left him home in bed, my son in Paducah and me in Lexington. When it rains, it pours...right? Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Many of you know the story of my family and some don't, so for the privacy of my loved ones I'll leave you with this picture. For the past three years my family has stood in the midst of a mighty storm. Much like a hurricane the waves continue to pound, each one threatening to take us under, to drown us. But, Jesus is our rescuer, our life guard. Time and time again he has saved us from impending disaster. As you may recall, my dad was in a very serious accident this past spring. This followed losing my grandfather in 2008, our family business in 2009, and our childhood home in 2010. Truly, "the Lord gives and takes away." The accident left my dad with sever

Happy Birthday Nan

I hope you have a wonderful and Happy Birthday. Love You Lots, Eli!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Aunt Amy!! I love you, Eli

Happy July Fourth

Wishing you and your family a Happy Fourth Of July!!

Vacation- Day Eight

We woke up on our last day and packed to come home. Here are a few shot of the condo we stayed in. The condo was a blessing straight from God. We had decided to wait until this fall to vacation because of traveling cost, but this was an incredible price we simply couldn't turn down. Like last year we stopped in Valdosta to eat at Smok ' N Pig. It was just as wonderful as we remembered!! We had actually planned to stop halfway home for the night, but Eli was in such good spirits that we drove it straight through which was another blessing! We are so thankful the Lord gave us traveling mercies, and incredible memories.

Vacation- Day Seven

Friday was our last day on the beach, but was actually one of the most stressful. (You know you are blessed when you think the beach is stressful..ha) Anyway, Eli was cranky and Eric was burned, so they weren't up for much fun in the sun. We did snap one fun photo though! It turned out sorta nice for me because Eric kept Eli most of the day, so my brother and I were baby free on the beach. We ate on the pier at Hurricane's our last night. It was nice because we were about to sit on a terrace outside and watch the sun set. Afterward, we took a few picture on the beach. Our little family After a short walk on the beach we went home to relax and pack up to head home...sad day!!

Vacation- Day Six

Thursday was pretty much the best beach day we had. We actually went out little early because it was supposed to storm in the afternoon. It ended up missing us completely, so it was nice to have a few extra hours in the sun. Eli got much more comfortable on the beach and was confident near the water. He also liked playing in the sand and tearing down the sandcastle Daddy built. He also like trying to fly a kite. Sadly Mom and Dad were cheap and bought it at the Dollar Tree...can you say "flop?" We decided to try and save some money, so we ate breakfast for dinner in the condo before heading out to play Putt-Putt. We actually went to a small course because it was cheaper and we weren't sure how Eli would do. It ended up being PERFECT!! After playing putt-putt we went for a walk on the beach and then rested around the condo before our last day.

Vacation- Day Five

Sorry to leave you hanging after the Disney post! The rest of our vacation was equally as splendid but less documented in the picture department, so these posts will be much shorter. Wednesday morning following Disney, we were worn plum out. We slept until about 10:00 and went to the beach for the rest of the day. I was caught up in relaxing and only took these two pictures...oops! It was nice to spend the entire day with my favorite boys! We came in around dinner and I gave Eli a bath in the sink. Such a sweetie! We decided to go to Saint John's Pass which was a cute little boardwalk on the bay. We ate some AMAZING pizza and then walked around for a while. Eli slept through dinner, so Clay fed him leftover pizza while Eric and I enjoyed a few free minutes...thanks Clay! We didn't stay too long because we were all pretty tired still from Disney and the long day in the sun. Nonetheless, it was a fun way to spend so free time on our vacation!