Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Week (a few weeks ago)

I wrote this post about three weeks ago, but never posted it. Anyway better late than never...

Ya'll, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger this past week or so! We have been so, so busy. Actually, social is probably a better word, but whatever! Normally, I would try to post a little each day, but since that isn't going to happen, here is an overview...of last week:

Monday: I ran with Sarah! It is so nice having a friend with a common goal and a sweet little boy too! She's a little (and my little I mean A LOT) ahead of me, but it's fun. Anyway, after running I picked up Eli and we just hung out at home.

Tuesday: I ran at the gym, got my hair cut, and went to the grocery after work. We had the Lindsey Family over for dinner, and so enjoyed Emma Kate, Macy and Abbie Drew! Poor little Eli cried when those darlings left!

Wednesday: I met Sarah at the gym again and then we went to see Sabrina, Justin and sweet baby Griffin. Please keep them in your prayers as Griffin continues to heal in the NICU. Eric picked up a pizza on his way home and then Nan and Grandad came over!

Thursday: I skipped the gym and came home to hang out with Eric's parents. Ronnie had worked on our building all day. So while he and Eric finished up, Dixie and I took Eli shopping. Shout out to Susan for introducing me to my new favorite store...Burke's Outlet!! Anyway, we pretty much relaxed the rest of the night.

Friday: Yesterday I ran with Sarah and came home. Later we got together with some friends we haven't seen in a while. We ate at Smokey Bones and then got ice cream...with four kids in tow!!

Saturday: Eli and I went to town to shop with Owen and Tina and even ate at Chick-fil-A. Some crazy lady with a five year-old said she saw Eli and Owen pushing her son. HELLO!! She wasn't even in the playplace and we were...PLUS our kids are one year olds...GET OVER IT!!! Afterwards we came home to rest before heading back the Adkins' house for fun!

Sunday: Eric and I kept the nursery at church before heading to Glasgow for lunch at Tumbleweed and my third trip of the week to Burke's Outlet!! We came home and did some relaxing and odd jobs for the rest of the day!

Ok, so there is the recap! I'm hoping to get a lot of blogging done today and tomorrow because I still want to show you what we've done this week and our front porch makeover. Plus, I never posted about Thunderfest or our backyard camping trip...all of which happened this month. Then there is a trip to Lexington this weekend, Owen's birthday party, a baby shower, a community appearance at work and birthday ideas for Eli!!

I'm exhausted just thinking about it! I promise to post lots, but until then...I'm living life not just writing about it!!

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