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New Beginnings

The first day of school brought some changes for our family as our kids transitioned into a new school.  In full transparency, even though I've known in my heart for a long time that this was the right thing to do, it didn't make it any easier as I walked them across the parking lot to their school.  Wait, did I mention that I quite literally share a parking lot with them now, so that was reason number one for the move. I knew Ellie would be fine.  She's so young and really hasn't made the kind of friendships that Eli has. Plus, she's a momma's girl so being much closer would make her feel more secure. The "easy" factor was appealing too. I mean, I can eat lunch with her, participate in class parties, and I cut more than an hour out of my daily commute. When you factor in their before and after school care along with their commute and homework time, they are picking up more than TWO HOURS a day.  That's huge, especially since