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The Rest of the Weekend

Yesterday we had picture overload of Ellie, so today it's Eli's turn. We had such a great weekend in Marion.  After our whirlwind fun on Black Friday, we needed a little R&R, so Saturday was kinda lazy.  We watched the Cats/Cards game, which got a little in, Eric and I watched it in separate rooms.  Ha! Of course Eli was happy to support his daddy's team.  After the game, Eric and Ronnie ran to town to look for a gift, and Eric's aunt and uncle came down to visit the kids while they were gone.   When Eric and Ronnie got back, Eric, Colby and I went to eat Chinese food. YUM!  It was so nice to eat in peace and quiet. Sunday we slept in, ate a delicious meal, and headed back to Bowling Green.  Only three more weeks until our next big break!

Black Friday Fun

I always try to get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday.  You can't beat the deals,  plus things just get insanely busy this time of year.  So, Friday morning Eric's mom, Ellie, and I headed to Paducah to knock some things off of our list. We were pretty much gone all day long, so this little lady was such a champ!  I know one day she's gonna be my partner in crime.  We hit up the mall first, getting some things we needed.  Then it was a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A before we did some more shopping. We ended up running to a few more stores around the mall, and I was able to get almost everything I needed.  Eli kept begging to go see the lights in Paducah, so the boys drove down to meet us for dinner. We ate at a local gem, Pizza Inn.  You must try it if you're ever in the area!  Afterwords, we all loaded up and headed to see the lights.  They were so good, and the kids were thrilled. We ended our night with another t

Giving Thanks

I hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We were so blessed to spend time with Eric's family this year.  We headed out on Wednesday night, so we didn't have to travel on the holiday. On Thursday, we watched the parade and played around the house while Eric's mom finished prepping for lunch.  It was such a warm and nice day, so we were able to spend a little time outside. Of course we scoured the Back Friday ads looking for the best deals and making our game plan for the night.   Colby and Emily came over for lunch, and we enjoyed the most delicious meal.  After a lazy afternoon, Eric, Emily and I headed to Wal-Mart where we scored all the goodies we were hoping for!! These two turkeys stayed with Nan and Grandad, and I'm pretty sure they loved every second of it. I have to say that it always amazes me that the craziest part of Wal-Mart is the jammie section...inasne! I took one for the team and braved the chaos

Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite the snarly turkey (Eli), we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks  to the  Lord , for he is good;      his love endures forever. - 1 Chronicles 16:34

These Little Turkeys

We had such a blessed day!  Our church had a building dedication ceremony after the service this morning, complete with a potluck.  Ya'll, Baptist know a think or two about cooking...just sayin.  These little ladies are quickly becoming best buddies in the nursery, and they were too cute for words all decked out in their turkey attire.  I could just gobble them up with a spoon. Ha! They had the best time playing and dancing around.  I just love their prissy little hearts. After the dedication we went home to finish decorating for Christmas.  Eric washed my car AND put lights up outside.  We also made some great progress on the family tree.  Our goal is to be done before we leave on Wednesday for Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy everything when we get back.  

A November Update

Ya'll, I cannot keep it together enough to blog regularly.  Ellie has completely fallen off of the sleep wagon and is taking an hour to go down every night an then is up several times a night.  I'm hoping it's just the time change, but something is going to have to give.  When I'm tired, my house stay messy, my laundry goes undone, and life just gets stressful on every level.   On a more positive note, we have a lot going on in the next few weeks.  This weekend Eric's dad and Colby are coming to town for a pheasant hunt, and while they are gone, the kids and I plan to do some Christmas decorating.  Other than that, there's not a lot going on.  November somehow always seems to get away from me, but that's ok because we can't wait to celebrate with all kinds of holiday fun!

The Leader In Me

Eli was asked to help with his school's Leader in Me Night, which is a huge honor.  Ya'll he has matured so much and come so far from last year, and I was so proud of him. He was able to get all dressed up to help serve refreshments.  He requested to wear a tie, so of course, I allowed it. Sometimes it blows me away to think that my no sleeping baby is a big, first grader.  SLOW DOWN baby. Before I know it, this little lady will he right up there with him.

Weekend In Lexington

Deer season came in this weekend, so Eric went hunting.  I decided that it would be a perfect time to go visit my family, so Saturday morning we hit the road as soon as both kids were up.  It was a pretty low-key visit, so I didn't take any pictures.  I was lucky enough to capture one sweet moment between Sarah and Ellie.  There are no words to describe how much this means to me. Sunday morning I had the opportunity to hear my dad preach for the first least officially.  He's always been a true Bible teacher, but this was the first time for me to see him behind the pulpit as an ordained minister.  He did an amazing job...God is so good! We headed back to Bowling Green after lunch, and now the the kids are playing while I try to catch up on laundry and housework.

A Little Mini Me

While we were in Marion this past weekend, Ellie became convinced that a picture of Emily was actually her.  No amount of convincing could sway her opinion. I must agree that it really does look a lot like my sweet girl...a whole lot. It just so happened that Eric's mom had saved the dress, so we put Ellie in it for a comparison shot.  No doubt about it, Ellie is Emily's mini me.

Weekend In Marion

We just got from the best weekend in Marion visiting with Eric's family to celebrate BOTH Colby and Grandad's birthdays.  I was a huge slacker in the picture taking department, so please excuse my lack of visualization.  I got back into town Friday from my training just a bit before school was out, so I picked Eli up on my way home.  It gave me just enough time to unpack, repack, and get the kids ready for the weekend.  As soon as Eric made it home, we loaded up and headed out. Saturday was kinda lazy and relaxing, which is just what we needed.  Later that evening, we went to Emily's house for dinner to celebrate the birthdays.  How beautiful is this view from her front door? Sunday we slept in on Sunday and spent the day around the house.  For lunch Eric's dad got the best BBQ.  I mean, ya'll...seriously the best!!! After lunch, we headed home.  Just a couple of weeks and we'll be up back for Thanksgiving.  I can't


I mentioned yesterday that I am in Bardstown at a conference for KYSPRA, which stands for Kentucky Schools Public Relations Association.  We are having a ton of wonderful seminars, and I am learning so, so much!  I'm missing my people like crazy, but also I'm enjoying the time to sort of recharge my batteries.  For lunch today we ate at the most adorable tavern downtown where I had a delicious KY Hot Brown.  It was nice to savor the meal without correcting bad behavior, chasing down a toddler, or rushing to leave before my kids terrorized the place. I wanted to take picture of my food, but I was afraid my colleagues would think that I had lost my ever-loving mind.  Don't worry, I got a picture of dinner. Ha! After our  afternoon training today, we had an awards dinner banquet, and the food was amazing.  That's what it's all about, right? One of my co-workers nominated a project that he and I had worked on together, and we were recogniz

Midweek Musings

Happy Humpy Day!  I'm coming to you from Bardstown today where I am for a work conference.  Eric and Eli are holding down the fort in Bowling Green, while Mom and Dad entertain Ellie in Lexington. Before I left today, Eli's teacher sent me this picture.  I love getting updates from her.  Teachers, you have no idea your value.  You can be such a blessing to students and their families, and I am so grateful for the role you play in our babies lives.  Thank you! On another note, how incredibly profound is this statement?  Way too deep for me to get into, but amazing! Last but not least, Eric and I rocking this Santa in we are almost done!  Tonight I ran to Wal-Mart where I scored $3 costumes to add to the assortment of toys they will be getting, so...SSHH!!!  I'll let the other stuff be a surprise, but ya'll they are getting everything on their lists.   Lest you think we spoil them, we have shopped throughout the year and come across

The Bat Mobile

May I brag on my man for a minute?  Because, ya'll, he deserves it.  Every year he puts hours upon hours into turning our wagon into a sweet little ride for the kiddos. He took this year's design to a whole new level.  He literally worked until the final hour and pulled many late, late nights.  He does it all for the sake of making Halloween magical for the Watsons. The details were impeccable, complete with the Batman logo on the wheels, and the Batman theme music from the movie. It was very dramatic. He also installed working lights in both the front and the back.  Plus, there were two "guns" that he made by disassembling a toy gun and removing the sound box before reinstalling them into a card board tube that he then molded into a gun shape. Oh, and I have yet to mention the "cabin" of the car.  It had real windows made from plastic and a "dome" light that the kids thought was the bomb. I sure do appreci

Sunday Fun

I love the beginning of November.  It brings the promise of such a sweet, sweet season as we anticipate the precious memories that await throughout the holiday season. Of course, it all started bright and early thanks to daylight savings time, which brings me to this question...what is everyone talking about with this "extra hour" of sleep?  The way I see it, I  wind up getting up at the same time as always, which is now an hour earlier.  UGH! Not to mention, this is on the heels the kids coming off the biggest sugar high of their life.  It's like some cult of non-parents decided that it would be a great idea to dope kids on candy and scare them silly before sending them to bed way too late, knowing that they would wake up extra early thanks to the time change. We survived this little drudgery and made it to church after taking some pictures of these two all dolled up.  After church, we ate lunch, played and watched football until it was time to hea