Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Midweek Musings

Happy Humpy Day!  I'm coming to you from Bardstown today where I am for a work conference.  Eric and Eli are holding down the fort in Bowling Green, while Mom and Dad entertain Ellie in Lexington.

Before I left today, Eli's teacher sent me this picture.  I love getting updates from her.  Teachers, you have no idea your value.  You can be such a blessing to students and their families, and I am so grateful for the role you play in our babies lives.  Thank you!

On another note, how incredibly profound is this statement?  Way too deep for me to get into, but amazing!

Last but not least, Eric and I rocking this Santa in we are almost done!  Tonight I ran to Wal-Mart where I scored $3 costumes to add to the assortment of toys they will be getting, so...SSHH!!!  I'll let the other stuff be a surprise, but ya'll they are getting everything on their lists.  

Lest you think we spoil them, we have shopped throughout the year and come across some great deals.

I can't wait!!  

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