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Disney Day 2017: Day Two

Our second day at Walt Disney World was actually our first full day and it started off with breakfast at the Wave, which is located in Contemporary Resort.  Like always, I will circle back around and review the restaurants I mention, so be sure to check back if you like that sort of thing. The Contemporary Resort is located right next to Magic Kingdom, so you can take a bus from your resort to Magic Kingdom and then walk or catch the monorail over to the resort for your reservation, which is something to keep in mind when planning your meals.  After breakfast, we headed over to the festively decorated Magic Kingdom where we rode the Magic Carpets, Big Thunder Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, "Philharmagic," and Haunted Mansion.  They are some of our favorites and it was nice getting to ride together instead of having kids smashed between us.   Although, we greatly missed our babies. As always, when the crowds started to increase, we took a break and h

Disney 2017: Day One

This year's Disney trip was sans kids.  I know we should feel like big, fat jerks for going without them, but ya'll, they've been more times than most adults, so I think they can handle it.  Plus, we booked our next trip before leaving, so they will be going again next year! We drove a little past Macon, Georgia on Friday night, stopped to rest and hit the road early on Saturday. Our timing was pretty impressive because we drove through monsoon-like rains thanks to Hurricane Harvey. After driving most of the morning, we made it just after lunch. With or without kids, there is nothing quite like driving onto property and seeing this sign. It's just the beginning of a week full of magic and it never gets old! We stayed at Pop Century again, which I will review when I wrap up the recap.  As always, we were sure to check-in online and were able to bypass the front lobby and head straight to the room.  I was hoping to stay in the 80s or 90s section again bec