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Happy Birthday...To ME!

So, Monday I celebrated my 24th birthday and I have to say that it gets better and better each year. My birthday is always on the first day of summer which makes for some fun parties. This year was no different as my wonderful husband surprised me with a Luau! He made a huge sign to hang over the window. He customized an invitation and had Eli bring it to me wearing swimming trunks and a hawaian necklace. The he make a surprise dinner of Hawian Steak, Mashed Coconut Sweet Potatoes, steamed rice and bread. It was wonderful to be loved and remembered on my birthday!

A Few Good Men

I know this post is belated, but I simply couldn't continue blogging without and entry for Father's Day: Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE the Gaithers. That's right...I'm old at heart! Anyhow, the group has a song called "A Few Good Men." It talks about how God can use religious warriors to lead the way, but he doesn't. He has, since the beginning of time, chosen to work through the lives of a few good men. I was listening to that song and thinking of how blessed Eli is to be surrounded by good men. Men who are bold in their faith, patient in their walks and passionate in their love. Men who are a daily example of Christ. Men who love their families, who have been through incredible adversities and who have emerged with more strength, character and dignity than words can convey. Pawpaw Morgan: Eli never had the honor of meeting my Pawpaw because he died just three months before Eric and I married, but I pray that Eli will have his work eth

Show Us Your Life: Proposal Story

Over on Kelly's Korner, we are talking about our proposal story. Being a hopeless romantic, I thought I would join in. In February of 2008 I was beyond ready for Eric to propose to me. We already had a date set, but we were waiting on a ring. I would ask him every single day when he was going to "pop the question." The week of Valentine's Day he told me that it would not be on February 14, and he was right! We did enjoy a very romantic night nonetheless. On Friday, February 15th 2008 I went to work as normal. I was at a different television network at the time and went about my usual duties of reporting. Upon returning to the station I was preparing my story for the 5:00 newscast when the photographer started setting up his camera. This is nothing unusual in a newsroom, so I kept working on my story. A few minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there stood Eric. He was wearing a black suit and carrying the most beautiful roses. I knew immed

Unsung Heroes

I have worked with special needs children for many years as a volunteer for Special Olympics and the National Down Syndrome Society as well as several other organizations. My cousin Sarah is disabled and God has used her to speak to me soul. Her heart, her innocents, her joy and her love are pure, passionate, and inspiring. I call those living with disabilities "Unsung Heroes" and it has become a passion God has placed deep within my heart. Through my time as a volunteer I have seen everything you can imagine, and it always bring my heart such joy. I always receive more than I give. So, when the doctor wanted to test for disabilities during my pregnancy, I refused! I knew I would love Eli not matter what. What never occurred to me was that some babies are born with physical limitations, not disabilities, that can cause adversities. Here is video from a child born deaf. Take a look at how our God used modern science to perform a miracle. What a an amazing moment for that m

Softball, Shopping & Sundaes

I have to start by saying that I LOVE summertime. I love the humidity, I love the food, I love the lazy days! Since I don't get summer breaks anymore, I have to enjoy mini-vacations during the weekend. So, they are usually jam packed with food, lots of activities and fun! This past weekend was no exception. We kicked it all off with a swim in the pool, but an afternoon storm ruined our fun. As you can see, my little man hated his sun hat...I just hope that he'll wear it on vacation. The funny thing is that Eli is more than happy to wear a hat for his daddy. We discovered this as Eric was getting ready for his ballgame and little man kept trying to steal his hat. Eli enjoyed cheering on his Daddy and Rich Pond Baptist Church....we won too! On Saturday morning Eli woke up bright and early, so we took advantage and went yard-selling. We bought plenty of toys, but our favorite was this Thomas The Tank Engine. Saturday night our friends came over for a cookout and afterwards we too

10 Months Of Joy

Eli turned ten months old on Thursday, and the poor guy spent it with an ear infection and at home with a sick daddy keeping him. I simply cannot believe how fast he's growing. He is getting better and faster at crawling which is such a challenge because we have an open floor plan that makes it nearly impossible to use baby gates. He loves to play outside in his swimming pool or to ride on the lawn mower with Dad. He has added a few new words to his vocabulary including "bath." It sounds strikingly similar to "ball," "bye-bye" and "bottle" but he is at least making the correct associations with each. The other night at 7:00 (which is bath time) he crawled down the hall saying " ba, ba, ba." I was trying to tell him that we weren't going anywhere, but when I finally caught up to him, he was trying to get in the tub...he knew what he was trying to say. Our second new word is "Emma," our friend's daughter and his olde

Birthdays And Lanscaping

I know that I'm still behind on posts, but I am getting better! In fact, this is my third post this month, and I'm pretty sure that is a record for me! Anyhow, to the point: Last week I was off of work on Friday, so Eli and I headed to Lexington to spend some time with my family. It was perfect timing because my brother was celebrating his 20th Birthday! Friday morning my parents had to head off to work, so Eli and I spent the morning visiting my grandmother before we headed to lunch with my mom. He ended up staying with my parents for the weekend so that Eric and I could get some landscaping done. Here's to celebrating a weekend of birthdays and landscaping.

A New Commitment

It has come to my attention that I am a terrible blogger. Once a month is not sufficient, especially when your entire family lives out of town and needs to know what is going on! So, I am making a commitment to being a better blogger. For starters, I'm going to post an update on my son and the past month or so of his life. Following that post I will start my journey toward better "bloghood" with an update from our Memorial Day weekend. I hope my family and friends enjoy the update and I hope my viewers across South Central Kentucky enjoy this personal look into my life, my home and my family! Here's to being a better blogger, and to much success with this new commitment.

Memorial Day Weekend

As promised, I am becoming a better blogger starting with a recap of my Memorial Day weekend! Because neither my parents nor Eric's live here in Bowling Green, we spend EVERY SINGLE holiday traveling which means we take turns going either to Lexington to see my family or Marion to see Eric's. It's just outside of Paducah for those of you who are wondering. Anyhow, this Memorial Day it was our turn to visit Marion. We got there on Friday night and spent some time with Eric's cousins and their kids before heading to my in-laws house for the night. One of the major perks of traveling is that we actually get to sleep because our mom's get up with Eli in the morning (he sleeps through the night but is an early riser.) On Saturday morning Eli enjoyed breakfast, playing with the dog, and a four-wheeler