Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unsung Heroes

I have worked with special needs children for many years as a volunteer for Special Olympics and the National Down Syndrome Society as well as several other organizations. My cousin Sarah is disabled and God has used her to speak to me soul. Her heart, her innocents, her joy and her love are pure, passionate, and inspiring.

I call those living with disabilities "Unsung Heroes" and it has become a passion God has placed deep within my heart. Through my time as a volunteer I have seen everything you can imagine, and it always bring my heart such joy. I always receive more than I give.

So, when the doctor wanted to test for disabilities during my pregnancy, I refused! I knew I would love Eli not matter what. What never occurred to me was that some babies are born with physical limitations, not disabilities, that can cause adversities. Here is video from a child born deaf. Take a look at how our God used modern science to perform a miracle.

What a an amazing moment for that mother to see her son's reaction as he heard for the first time. As a momma I cannot imagine how precious that time was for her, but as I believer I stand in awe knowing The Great Physician could perform the same miracle without modern technology. Oh, what a day that will be when we as His children hear our Father's voice audible and clear for the very first time!

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