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Field Trip

Eli has a field trip today, and I couldn't go because I am knee deep in a project at work with a deadline of this weekend.  In the midst of my stress, I was thrilled to get some pictures from Eli's teacher with a few photos.  They went to the Souther Kentucky Performing Arts Center to see "Duck For President," and as you can see, he was thrilled to have his pal, Jolly, sit next to him on the bus.  After the show, they went to lunch at Pizza Hut.  Apparently, the experience was exhausting because these two had to snooze on the ride back to school.  He's such a little "Lady's Man."  Hahaha!

Memory Lane

While were at the Jamboree this weekend, we ran into the Pate Family waiting to get team pictures.  I can't believe that these two babies are already playing organized sports.  This is Eli's third year!! If they continue to play throughout the duration of their school days, they will be on the same high school team.  Do we have some future Raiders on our hands? Honestly, I'm not in any hurry to find out.  They can take all the time they want growing up. 

I'm An Aunt!

Oh my gosh, ya'll...I am so excited to be writing this post because it means that I am finally and aunt.  Actually, I'm an aunt to Colby. I just wasn't there when he was born, so this is new territory for me! We knew that the baby would probably come sometime on Sunday because Mandy was being induced, but being a first time labor, we weren't sure how long it would take.  We didn't want the kids to wait around all day or make a dry run if we had to head back before the baby came, so we waited it out with updates from my sister.  When we got the text that she was at 8cm, we hit the road and headed to Lexington.  Here we are in the waiting room.  Even after the two hour drive, had to wait two more hours in the hospital before we finally got to see the little bundle of joy.   The kids were thrilled to meet Austin Clay! First ever cousin picture!  I think my parents look so proud. Ellie was smitten.  We're going to have to watch h

Spring Fling

Yesterday was a big day because baby Austin was born!!  We were unsure how long his birth would take, so we decided to wait it out and headed to church. That gave us a chance to get all dressed up in our spring pastels.  Church was great, but admittedly, I was distracted waiting on labor updates!!

Saturday Fun

We are so glad that Eric's parents stayed this weekend because they got to enjoy the many activities of the weekend starting with a fun day at the baseball park. Eric had to be at the ballpark early yesterday morning to take pictures of the teams before they played in the Jamboree.  Ronnie and Dixie stayed behind with me helping to warm Eli before the scrimmage game and playing with the kids. Our little Flower Child took full advantage of the springtime dandelions and picked me and Nan a bouquet of flowers.  Such a sweet little lady!  We met Eric at the ballpark for team pictures and to get ready for the game.  Of course, my kid is the only one not looking at the camera.   The game was a tragedy...really!  We lost by like twenty-something points.  In fact, every single ending was over thanks to the mercy rule.  We scored zero.  ZERO, ya'll!!!  I think we have a little work to do before the first regular season game.  

Date Night Fun

Last night this stud muffin and I went on a hot date.  Actually, it was a Gospel Grass concert, but it totally counts because it was kid free.  In case you're wondering, and you probably are, Gospel Grass is a genre of music combining Gospel and Bluegrass.  Ok, on second thought, maybe I didn't need to explain that after all. Anyway, the date almost didn't happen because I wrote down the wrong date and didn't have a babysitter.  After a few panicky minutes, I texted my mother-in-law, and she agreed to come watch the kids.  SHEW!!!! It was such a fun evening, and the little venue was so charming.  Sometimes I wish we could all go back and live in little Mayberry-like towns except with modern medicine and stuff.   It was a fun, fun night, and I am so grateful to my in-laws for saving the day!!

Jelly Stone - Day 3

We started Saturday at the flag raising ceremony where we met Boo Boo Bear.  From there, we went to the pancake breakfast.  After eating, I took Ellie to the bounce pad while the boys played putt-putt again then they joined us for some fun.  We ran into a family we know and ended up leaving to meet back up for a swim.  Again, it was too cold for me, but the kids loved it. After lunch, we decided to take the kids for a little adventure at Mammoth Cave.  It's just down the road, and they have a fun little visitor's center that is perfect for kids.   They loved our little adventure, and I hope it's the first of many National Parks we visit over the years.  It's so fun to explore our country.  Before heading back to camp, we went to eat at a little restaurant in town called the Water Mill. It's a really good buffet with country cooking. Back at camp, we went on the Hey, Hey, Hey Ride again, and met Cindy Bear this time.  She's a favo

Jelly Stone- Day Two

We started our second day at Jellystone with a trip to the bounce pad, a round of putt-putt and a little swimming.  The pool was supposed to be heated, but you couldn't prove it by me.  I didn't mind too much though.  I just read while the kids splashed around. After getting cleaned up, we ate dinner and went to the Yogi Bear Hey, Hey, Hey Ride.  Basically you get on a wagon and ride around the campground while singing silly songs.  We got there really early to make sure we got a spot, but it wasn't really needed because they will take more trips if the ride is long. I love this picture.  Is this not what childhood is all about - dirty faces, ice cream, and the great outdoors?!?! They were showing a movie that night, and we walked up to the theater to watch it. Sadly for us, a parent decided playing on his phone was more important than watching his kid, and the child managed to ruin the equipment .  That ended the fun for everyone.   Side Note:

Jelly Stone- Day One

We finally got to take the camper on her maiden voyage, and it was such an amazing weekend.  We went the last few days of Spring Break, and had the best time with the kiddos. We got there on Thursday before the crowds and had the best time setting up and enjoying the amenities almost completely to ourselves.   We started with lunch and then went exploring. There were so many things for the kids to do and see including a giant Yogi statue.  They knew who he was because we bought a movie of cartoons last month, and they've been watching it for weeks. As you'll soon learn, putt-putt became a daily activity for us.  Although, I will say that Ellie was not too good at it. If you're looking for a fun and inexpensive place to take the family, I would high recommend this destination.  There are several across the U.S. and we can't wait to start exploring them. Between all the activities and amenities, it was a fun and exciting weekend

Take Eli To Work Day

We are on spring break this week, and since Ellie has been with my parents all week, I thought that Eli should do something fun too.  Yesterday I decided to take him to work with me for a little one-on-one time. As it turned out, I had a radio interview for an upcoming event.  Eli spent so much of his infancy and preschool years on the set of my morning show at the television studio, but he had never been to a radio station.  He was so thrilled, and practically jumped off of the stool when he realized we were live. HA! At work, Eli was sorta a slacker and wanted a break every hour.  That would be AFTER he hit up everyone in the office for a snack.  I set him up a little office area on my credenza with my laptop, some pins, and some parer.  After a walk around the property for our first break, we decided to run to the pizza shop for our second break.  We had a little pizza party back in the office complete with vending machine drinks because that's a big deal