Monday, April 18, 2016

Jelly Stone- Day Two

We started our second day at Jellystone with a trip to the bounce pad, a round of putt-putt and a little swimming.  The pool was supposed to be heated, but you couldn't prove it by me.  I didn't mind too much though.  I just read while the kids splashed around.

After getting cleaned up, we ate dinner and went to the Yogi Bear Hey, Hey, Hey Ride.  Basically you get on a wagon and ride around the campground while singing silly songs.  We got there really early to make sure we got a spot, but it wasn't really needed because they will take more trips if the ride is long.

I love this picture.  Is this not what childhood is all about - dirty faces, ice cream, and the great outdoors?!?!

They were showing a movie that night, and we walked up to the theater to watch it. Sadly for us, a parent decided playing on his phone was more important than watching his kid, and the child managed to ruin the equipment .  That ended the fun for everyone.  

Side Note: I'm not one to judge because Ellie is a wonderer and I know it could happen in a heartbeat, but that wasn't the case here.  This parents went minutes scrolling through his phone never looking up.  He didn't even know the movie had stopped until someone nudged him and told him.  Just a little lesson to me on being present.  

Since the movie was ruined, we walked up to the craft area and let the kids paint.  They were so adorable and took it vert seriously picking out just the right colors and trying the get the details perfect.  It was probably one of my favorite memories from the whole trip, our first adventure in the camper.

Back at camp, we put roasted some s'mores and put the kids down for the night.  They did much better this time, which was a welcomed change of pace.  I think all the activities wore them out!

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