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What I Want Them To Know

I’ve briefly mentioned this in a few recent posts, but just to reiterate, the fog of the baby days is starting to lift in the Watson home. Our little people sleep all night, they can talk and communicate.  Everyone is potty-trained and most days we can actually reason somewhat with them, which is a billion times better than arguing with a toddler...cause have you ever done that?  If you’re a newbie, trust me on this one…you won’t win!!  This stage in our family is a new frontier that I love, but as the kids grow, I can’t help but marvel at the gravity of what it means to not only parent but to truly shepherd a child’s heart. We aren’t just in survival mode anymore trying to make sure that everyone is dry, fed, and alive.  We’re able to take family outings, have real conversations and make lasting memories. As the children grow, however, so has my responsibility has their mother.   Naturally, I want my children to be happy, healthy, successful and fulfilled.  More than th

Cut The Crap

Ya’ll can I just be really honest with you today?   Lately, the Lord has burdened my heart about the things I put on social media and the image I portray to others.  I always want to put my best foot forward, but I don’t want to ever portray a reality that doesn’t exist.  Does that make sense? I want to call BS on all the Polly Perfects of the world. It starts innocently enough with comments like, “You can come over, but my house is a mess.”  Then when we get there, it looks like their home should be on the cover of Southern Living, and we’re pretty sure we can smell a homemade pie in the oven. Not happening at my house, ya’ll.  I may tidy up as a courtesy, but you wouldn’t have to look too hard to see the pile of toys in the corner or the crumbs under the table.  Sometimes it’s a post on social media about little Johnny being a mini-scholar.  What should be a simple shout-out for a job well-done on a first-grade spelling test, looks more like little Johnny is a prodigy who wa