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Living Hope

Spring has arrived here in Kentucky.  Vibrant green fields are sprinkled with wildflowers in brilliant shades of purple.  I'm told they're weeds, but it doesn't detract from their beauty.  Meanwhile, the trees are budding with with the stunning pastels of dogwoods, cherry blossoms, and red buds.  Even the maples and oaks are starting to show signs of life with tiny sprouts of foliage. Accentuating this scene yesterday was the sapphire sky and an early sunset that cast a harmonious golden hue over the landscape on my drive home. It was the most perfect scene for a Palm Sunday.  Except when I looked at it, I was reminded that the original Palm Sunday of Holy Week also seemed perfect with people lining the streets shouting "Hosanna," and proclaiming Jesus as their King.  Then came the last supper, the betrayal, the weeping in the garden, the suffering, the darkness, and the death. The week between Palm Sunday and Easter was one of waiting, and hurting.  What started

Happy 11th Birthday, Ellie

Today is Ellie's 11th birthday. As with each passing year, I have spent some time reflecting on things I want her to know as she grows.  Unfortunately, the most important lessons in life are often learned in the most difficult circumstances, but that's another story for another day.  As she inches closer to the teenage years, her friendships are becoming much more important in her life.  So, if I was imparting wisdom this year, it would be on the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. One of my favorite stories in the entire Bible is a tender moment that occurs in Exodus between Moses, Aaron, and Hur.  In it, the Israelites are fighting an intense battle with their enemies.  When Moses has his rod stretched out with his arms extended in the air, the Israelites are winning.  When he drops his arms, the they begin to lose. Eventually, Moses becomes so fatigued that he can no longer hold up the weight of his own arms.  It's in that moment that his people (Aaron a