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Happy 11th Birthday, Ellie

Today is Ellie's 11th birthday. As with each passing year, I have spent some time reflecting on things I want her to know as she grows.  Unfortunately, the most important lessons in life are often learned in the most difficult circumstances, but that's another story for another day. 

As she inches closer to the teenage years, her friendships are becoming much more important in her life.  So, if I was imparting wisdom this year, it would be on the importance of surrounding yourself with good people.

One of my favorite stories in the entire Bible is a tender moment that occurs in Exodus between Moses, Aaron, and Hur.  In it, the Israelites are fighting an intense battle with their enemies.  When Moses has his rod stretched out with his arms extended in the air, the Israelites are winning.  When he drops his arms, the they begin to lose. Eventually, Moses becomes so fatigued that he can no longer hold up the weight of his own arms.  It's in that moment that his people (Aaron and Hur) rally around him.  They set Moses down on a stone, and each carry the weight of his arm, literally holding them up for him. Eventually the battles ends, and the Israelites win. 

The victory is amazing and one of the many miracles of our faith, but it's the relationship between Aaron, Hur and Moses that has captured by heart.  It's the literal and figurative gesture of carrying someone's weight when they've become too weary to stand on their own two feet.  It's a scenario I've seen played over and over again as I've walked with fellow believers. 

It's the friends who show up with ice cream and chick flicks after the bad grade or rough breakup.

It's the ladies who rock the baby and fold the laundry while a young momma sleeps.

It's the fellow momma's who carpools the neighbor's kiddos so that the overstimulated parents can have five minutes alone to reconnect. 

It's the women's group that shows up with casseroles and desserts after the surgery. 

It's the small group that sits in the waiting all night whispering prayers and holding hands as one of their own waits for news from the doctors. 

It's the senior adults who through years of hard earned wisdom say goodbye to another friend knowing that what awaits them in "Glory" surpasses the pain of letting go. 

It's in the showing up and praying.  It's in the serving and crying.  It's through sitting in the silence. It happens in coffee shops, living rooms and waiting rooms.  In the car, on the phone, at the alter.

It happens when we do life together.  When we carry one another's burdens.  

Sometimes we are Aaron and Hur, holding up a follow friend. And sometimes are Moses, too weary to carry our own weight, too tired to speak, and too weak to stand. 

But it's in those moments we find the meaning of true friendship and the importance of community.  We were never meant to walk through this life alone.  

So, what I would tell my sweet birthday girl is this.  Surround yourself with Aarons and Hurs.  Be an Aaron and a Hur.  This life is hard, so very hard. You will walk unimaginable roads and carry your tribe though heart wrenching circumstances.  You will pray late into the night and rise long before the sun, burdened to the core for your people.  

And it's worth the lost hours of sleep and every tear you shed because when it's your turn to be Moses, your people will be right beside you to carry the load. These are relationships worth having, and I pray the Lord will fill your life with deep, rich, meaningful relationships. I pray your circle will be full of women with hearts like Aaron and Hur.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Ellie Girl. 


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