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Shop Till You Drop

I mentioned yesterday that with the amazing internet sales, Eric and I didn't do our annual shopping on Thanksgiving night. I was a tad bummed out because I just love getting out in all the madness.  It's such a fun kickoff to the season!  I think Eric knew I was a little sad, so he took me on a little day date on Black Friday. We left the kids with Eric's parents (which we greatly appreciate) and then headed to Paducah to pick of some of our orders.  First we hit up Academy Sports for Eric's present from me and then we had lunch at Texas Road House.  We also made a quick stop in Lowe's, Wal-Mart and Ulta where we left empty-handed. Even though it was a quick trip with a dry to a few stores, it was also super nice just to spend some quality time together before the craziness of the season.   I had some Kohl's Cash that I needed to spend, so Eric's mom and Ellie joined me for a quick trip to Paducah on Saturday. We decided to do a little shop

Thanksgiving 2019

In order to spend quality time with both of our families during the holidays, Eric and I have developed a little system where we alternate where we celebrate Thanksgiving and New Years.  We always stay home for Christmas. So, this year we were at his parent's house for Thanksgiving and we will visit mine for New Years.  That will reversed next year. It's a sold little process and we have the best memories at both places! Eric, Ellie and I made it to Marion on Wednesday night.  Eli was already there thanks to strep throat. Even we have a nice, virtual list of Black Friday Ads, there's something so satisfying about thumbing through them in the paper, so I picked up two copies of our local paper before leaving since they come out early in Bowling Green. Once we made it, we thumbed through them and got our shopping plan together!  Kohl's and Wal-Mart were starting their online specials a little early, so Eric and I stayed up long enough to do that. Then it was o

Nine To Five

 Last week was interesting around these parts. Eli woke up with a sore throat on Monday and tested positive for strep.  The whole process of going to the doctor, getting medicine, and running by the store for "essentials" took most of the morning, and to top it off, I left my debit card at home and had to run by Eric's work to bum his. The timing ended up working out great, and he was able to take a half day while I went into work to finish a pretty important project. My wonderful in-laws offered to keep Eli since we would be joining them on Wednesday for the holidays, so Eric met them half way.  I hated shipping off my sickie, but he was thrilled to miss school and had the best doctors around. We have a little tradition that the kids come to work with me on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  The office is super slow and it's a win-win for me because I make them stuff envelopes for Christmas cards.  And I pay them with Little Caesar's pizza, so it'