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What I'm Lovin'

It's What I'm Lovin' Wednesday and I'm linking up with Jamie to celebrate! I'm lovin ' that I was able to meet up with some good friends yesterday! I'm lovin' that the invitations came in for the two wedding showers I'm hosting. I'm lovin' that a certain hubby celebrates his birthday on Friday. I won't tell you how old he'll be, but it starts with a 2 and ends with a 7. I'm lovin' that I've lost SIX pounds this week...WHOOT!!! As always, I'm lovin' my boys. What are you lovin'?


I grew up in a very musical family. I didn't say a talented...just musical. Ha! Actually my dad has a degree in music and my brother is a gifted singer. I "got by" with vocal as my talent in pageants, but that is the extent of it. What we lack in training we make up for in spirit! It's not unusual for us to bust out in song during a family drive. In fact, the first time Eric met my parents we took a two hour trip to Cincinnati and serenaded him with our family quartet version of the Gaither Vocal Band....I kid you not! We were rockin' some hymns. I sing to Eli every night, and he hums along which is just oh, so sweet. So, when we decided a few weeks ago to head to Disney World this summer I wanted to find him a sing-a-long to watch. Apparently kids these days don't appreciate music like we did. So, I had to resort to youtube. As luck would have it, I came across my first Disney Sing-A-Long video. Of course I eagerly introduced him to it. I guess he takes afte

Weekend Recap

Ya'll, we had the most delightful weekend. It was very low key, uneventful and lazy! Friday night Eric fried us fish, and we rented a movie. However, a certain basketball team pulled off a major upset and I stayed up late cheering...GO CATS! Saturday morning Eli slept in pretty late which was nice! We went to a consignment sale with Tina and Owen. It was a bust, so no pictures of my awesome finds. I did have better success earlier this month shopping, so I'll try to take pictures and show you those later this week. Anyway, they were giving away Chick-fil-A coupons. Betcha can't guess where we ate lunch...ha! After lunch Eli and I headed to Aden's birthday party...a total success. We came home for little man to nap, then Eric, Eli and I went to get groceries! Afterwards, we came home, ate a yummy steak salad and then watched Due Date. Today was church and rest...YAY! How was your weekend?

Happy Friday

It's finally Friday and I couldn't be happier! Actually this week went by super fast, so it wasn't too bad. But I've been really uncomfortable with E ndometriois the past couple of days and am in much need of some rest. We've got lots of fun planned this weekend including a consignment shopping trip tomorrow, so check back for our awesome finds! Until then here is a picture of my sweet boy. Happy Friday and GO CATS!!!

Thifty Thursday

I have decided to start back with my Thifty Thursday posts because I love finding ways to have fun-filled weekends for less. Now I need to say that I like to make plans, but not in detail. This is just an idea of what we will do, but nothing is set in stone. It's the weekend for goodness sake! If ya'll are like us, you eat out too much. I shouldn't say too much because really it goes in spurts. We do really well with the balance of restaurant food and home cooking for several weeks and then we fall off the bandwagon. Before you know it, one meal out turns into ten meals one week. And I'm just saying, there is a direct correlation between eating out and our bank account...NOT GOOD! So with lots of birthdays, showers, and traveling ahead of us, we have decided to limit out dining out. Not wanting to sacrifice too much, I do have some great meals planned for our weekend! Thursday: As every Thursday, Eli and I will have a mommy/son day. The weather here has turned

What I'm Lovin

Hey Ya'll I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Lovin' Wednesday. I'm lovin' that all of this nice weather has me spending lots of time outside with my little man. I'm lovin' that so many trees are in bloom and spring his FINALLY here. I'm lovin' the new header my hubby made for my blog. I'm lovin' that I finished the shower invites for two weddings! I'm lovin' that Eric's birthday is a week away. And as always, I'm lovin' my two favorite gentlemen. What are you lovin?

Weekend Recap

We had the most delightful weekend. Friday after work Eli and I headed home to spend some time soaking up this beautiful Spring weather. We played in the back yard for no less than 3hrs ya'll! He loved playing the daddy's basketballs even though they were a little hard for him to manage ha! He also bounced on the trampoline FOREVER!! It was actually a Christmas gift that we just now got around to using...don't worry he didn't miss it and it was like opening it all over again. Saturday was very low key. Eli slept until 8:00 and my sweet hubby got up with him so that I could rest. What's even better is the breakfast is bed he served me...bliss!! After I got out of the bed we told Eli the news that he was going to meet Mickey Mouse this summer!! But he was more interested in playing basketball...ha! Saturday night the Adkins Family came over for more fun. We grilled out and talked while the boys was awesome!! Besides church and small group Sunday was pre

We Told Eli The News!

After weeks of searching, calculating and waiting we have finally booked our summer vacation! We finalized the details last night and this morning told Eli the news.... He was DELIGHTED...ha! I won't tell you when we are going because that's not safe, but I will tell you that it's only a one day stay at Disney. The rest of the week will be on Pass-a-Grille Beach in the Gulf. We're also hitting up a Braves game and a Rays Game while we're there. No if summer would just hurry up and get here!

Still Waters Run Deep

I'm staying late at work today to write this post because I know that once I get home the chance will be gone. Between the cleaning, laundry, cooking, working, and mothering some things just get thrown to the side. Sadly, sometimes it's our marriages. When I first married Eric we would spend hours at night lying in bed talking and laughing and dreaming about the future, but somewhere in the mix of life that stopped. We got busy and sleep became another thing on the "to do" lights out! Our relationship has evolved and we have the same sweet moments together, it's just different. We talk while we cook together, we snuggle on the couch to watch TV, we bond over playing with our son. No matter what we're doing, it's those precious moments with my husband that I have come to cherish. If I were to compare Eric and myself I'd use the "dog" analogy. I'm the hyper, run in circles, can't sit still Jack Russell and Eric is the p

Box Boy

Since Eli was just weeks old, he has LOVEd boxes! We put him in one while we were moving (not to be transported..ha) we would put him in a box and he would fall asleep IMMEDIATLY! Well this affinity for boxes continues. This is how we spent our Sunday night.

Boys Will Be Boys

We've had the most delightful day! The weather here in Kentucky is absolutely amazing and we are taking full advantage. We've had a busy but relaxing day running to Home Depot, eating lunch at Pizza Hut and going to Emma Kate and Macy's birthday party. I just had to share this picture because it really captured the three of them. True to form, Little Miss Priss Pot Emma Kate, it totally cheesing it for the camera, massive bow and all. Then there is Macy, bowless and completely unimpressed with the idea of taking sassy that one! And of course Eli is off in left field somewhere totally focused and anything but sitting still! I just love those sweet girls and hope if I ever have a daughter she will be as sweet and adorable. But little boys are plenty fun as well just take a look at the rest of our afternoon.... We came home from the party and Eli was "helping" Eric in the back yard. I went inside to grab something and came back out to find Eli cove

What I'm Lovin

Happy Wednesday ya'll! I'm linking up with Jamie to show you What I'm Lovin'. I'm lovin' that all of this nice weather has our flowers in bloom! I just love new life! I'm lovin' that Eric's high school is playing in the Girls Sweet 16 today and his family is in town to watch it...Go Rockets!! I'm lovin' that I got to spend a fun weekend with my family and that we have some more fun ahead of this weekend. And as always, I 'm lovin' the two gentlemen in my life! What are you lovin?

Fat Tuesday

I hope ya'll are enjoying your Fat Tuesday and Marti Gras celebrations! I actually work with a lady who lived in New Orleans for 37 years and she brought some fun beads, cups, and other party favors to work today. . . oh,so fun!! She also gave me an amazing recipe for Jambalaya. Since we didn't have fresh ingredients we improvised a little but it was delicious nonetheless! First, Eric grilled some smoked sausage. It was already cooked when I bought it, but the grilled texture was AMAZING!! We also added some cooked shrimp I bought in the freezer section. I should say that I HATE seafood, but this was actually really good! We bought some authentic Louisiana Hot Sauce to spice it up, and it really enhanced the flavors. The finished product was a delicious bowl of Semi-Homemade Jambalaya! And for your viewing pleasure, my sweet Marti Gras baby. Happy Fat Tuesday!