Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still Waters Run Deep

I'm staying late at work today to write this post because I know that once I get home the chance will be gone. Between the cleaning, laundry, cooking, working, and mothering some things just get thrown to the side. Sadly, sometimes it's our marriages. When I first married Eric we would spend hours at night lying in bed talking and laughing and dreaming about the future, but somewhere in the mix of life that stopped. We got busy and sleep became another thing on the "to do" lights out!

Our relationship has evolved and we have the same sweet moments together, it's just different. We talk while we cook together, we snuggle on the couch to watch TV, we bond over playing with our son. No matter what we're doing, it's those precious moments with my husband that I have come to cherish.

If I were to compare Eric and myself I'd use the "dog" analogy. I'm the hyper, run in circles, can't sit still Jack Russell and Eric is the patient, steady, even-tempered Basset Hound. Ha!

To better illustrate let me use a phrase my momma always says, "Still waters run deep, but a shallow brook babbles." I won't go into the babbling part for myself, but still waters...that's Eric.

Still waters are serene. They are located among fantastic lanscapes, rare and beautiful; often stumbled upon only after wading in the shallow brook or stagnate pond. They sustain life both human and animal. They are wonderfully made, complex in design, but simple in beauty. They are to be treasured, preserved, and enjoyed. They are among God's most glorius creations, deeply rooted but calmly beckoning. Still waters quiet the soul, nourish the land, and attest to the greatness of our Creator.

The mere image of still waters calls us to attention ,reflecting from it surface honestly on what is. They ripple slowly, evenly and beautifully when disturbed, but sit quietly waiting to be enjoyed. We love still waters because they are peaceful. They are not without current or disruption. Rather, their depths make the moving tides less noticeable.

My husband is like still waters. He is deeply rooted in his faith and leans on our Lord in ways that humble my heart. The harsh, unforgiving currents of this world merely ripple him, never truly disturbing his core. Like still waters he is the serene, beautiful love I found only after testing the rough waters. He is my precious gift from God, my very best friend and man I will walk through this life with.

He sustains our family with his faith and wisdom from God. He is rare among men. But most importantly, like still waters he quiets me. He reminds me of God's grace, God's beauty and God's plan in creation.

A shallow brook may babble, but still waters run deep and so does my respect, admiration and love for this man!

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