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A Look Back

If I had to pick a motto for 2010 it would be "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly." The year was neither fantastic nor just was . The Good : getting back into news, spending time with my sweet boy, celebrating two years of marriage, The Bad : losing my childhood home, Eli having surgery, having our home broken into The Ugly : SLEEP DEPRIVATION, 7 ear infections, 3 sinus infections, 2 tummy bugs and a cold! Praying for a year of rest, joy and blessing in 2011....Happy New Year's Eve!!

Y2K And All That Follows

I had a revelation last night, we are not only saying goodbye to this year. No, we'll be saying "adios" to a whole decade. Ten years ago I was in the eighth grade. I had never been kissed, I couldn't drive, and I wondered if we would survive Y2K. Ten years ago our basement was full of enough supplies to last us six months in the event of an international computer crisis....ha! Ten years ago we listened to Sisquo, Destiny's Child, Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson. Ten years ago boy bands were hot and MTV actually played music videos. Ten years ago we wore Timberland boots, American Eagle hoodies, Abercrombie shirts, and Express Jeans. Ten years ago I didn't have a cell phone or car, and I worried about who I sat with at lunch and who I would hang out with on Friday nights. The past ten years have full of joy, adventures, heartbreaks and changes. In the past ten years I have graduated middle school, high school, and college. I failed a drivers test, fi

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

I'm joining the What I'm Lovin' Wednesday trend and here are a few of today's picks!! I'm lovin' that my mom and dad are celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary today! I'm lovin' my two new work suits from my in-laws. I'm lovin' watching this sweet boy play with his Christmas toys....such a delight! I'm loving that I got to go on a date with this hottie!!

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary G-Momma & Poppa!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Christmas 2010

We started our holiday weekend on Wednesday when Eric's parents and nephew came in to cheer on Louisville against WKU. Eli and I were in the minority and the TOPS lost...sad day! I had to work Thursday morning, but once the show was over, we loaded up our bags and hit the road. First we ate at Yuki (an amazing Japanese restaurant.) The car ride was mostly peaceful thanks to DVD's of Yo Gabba Gabba, Elmo and Diego and a few suckers...ha! I spent most of Christmas Eve in my Pjs thanks to a nasty sinus infection (which is now spreading to other family members.) Here we are taking a picture before heading to bed. I would like to document that Eli had an extremely rough night and ended up in the bed with Eric and I. He was still up five or six times which is another post in and of itself! Anyway, he was grumpy when he got up until he saw the toys....ALAS...he understands Santa now!! We opened our gifts while Eli played, and as always, Eric's parent's were extremely gen

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a joyful day as we celebrate the birth of Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ!

A Look Back

As ya'll know, I love taking trips down Memory Lane and what better time than Christmas? Here are highlights from our two photo-opts this year & last. Happy Christmas Eve!!

Did I Do That

If you are a 90s kid, you will remember a certain little nerd by the name of Steve Urkel. His coin phrase, "Did I do that?" became my motto on Saturday. After a long day of Christmas shopping we were too tired to cook, so we stopped by Arby's on our way home from the mall. After ordering, the lady behind the counter put a few fries on a tray and placed it next to the register. Not hearing what Eric had ordered and famished from my day of shopping, I eagerly helped myself to the fresh curly fries.... ...only they weren't ours!!! Ha! They were the guys next to me. Oh my stars, I inadvertently stole a stranger's food. All I could do was laugh. It was the funniest thing. The man was super nice about the whole thing and even offered to keep the fries when I told the lady to replace them with new ones. Ha! Being a foodie certainly has it downfalls! The lesson learned: look before you leap...I mean eat!!

To Mothers And Sons

Yesterday our family celebrated a special anniversary that I didn't mention for fear of confusion. On December 16th, 2008 we found out that we were expecting a baby. Immediately I saw pink! Bows, feathers, shoes, all things girlie. However, within a few weeks, I felt like I would be having a boy and sure enough on August 10th we welcomed Mr. Elijah Herold Watson. There really is nothing like having a boy. The bond between a mother and son in indescribable. There is something special that no words can express. But as mothers of sons we have a great responsibility to raise, not boys...but men. Men of character and honor, men of strength and dignity, men who are bold yet merciful, men after God's own heart. For all of you mommas with sweet little boys, I pray you will always find joy in the noise, laughter in the dirt, and tenderness in the boo-boos. Here are a few of my favorite quotes about that special bond between mothers and sons: There are boys in my house - and Sp

Santa Baby

For your viewing pleasure...

Thifty Thursday

I have mentioned this before, but feel the need to do it again. We live in an amazing town with amazing activities for families, most of which are free. So, our weekend starts off with one of those events. Thursday : Tonight is Polar Express at the train Depot!! Kids get to dress in their jammies, board a train, and hear the story of Polar Express. After the "train ride" Santa comes for a visit!! How fun is that? We're meeting up with the Adkins family to take the boys, so this should be interesting!! We will also be serving Subway Sandwiches and chips following the festivities. Total Cost... $15 Friday : After a hectic week at work and lots of fun with friends, we are looking forward to a night at home. However, we first have to go have our portrait made with Santa before the lines get to long over the weekend. I think for dinner I will serve Pork Loin, Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans. Total Cost... $10 Saturday: My parents may be coming down this weekend, but

Weekend Recap

After Breakfast With Santa on Saturday morning, we three headed to Nashville to do a little Christmas shopping. The trip was a success and I got my gift from Eric!! Want a clue? You'll find it on my patio this spring... We ate dinner at Chili's since we don't have one in Bowling Green, and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. I'm hoping we are in the upswing with the whole bad manners in restaurant thing. Anyway, we hit up Krispy Kreme on our way home. I over indulged slightly. I'm embarrassed to say how many I ate, but it rhymes with "sore and score." Oh my!! When we got home, we blew up the air mattress and played and snuggled all night. Eli loved the movie "Surfs Up." Sunday morning we went to church then to visit our favorite family...the Adkins. Here's what our snowy drive looked like going. Coming back it was much worse! The boys are too fun to watch. They finally are becoming friends and interact by running around,

Breakfast With Santa

Saturday morning we had the privilege of eating with everyone's favorite jolly guy in red...that's right... Breakfast With Santa at Chaney's Dairy Barn! The meal was yummy, the book read by Farmer Carl was captivating, but nothing could compare to the moment of shear delight; when all his 16 months of dreaming came true...meeting SANTA CLAUSE!! He may look a little worried, but there wasn't a single whimper. Oh my we have brave guy! HoHoHo!!

Big Boy

Yesterday Eli and I had our "fun day" at Chick-fil-A. He hadn't eaten well at daycare, so it wasn't quite as thrifty as planned, but he loved it nonetheless. Anyway, look who can go through the playground all alone...sigh! This is the only picture I got because the boy wouldn't sit still. Oh my how he's growing. We had so much fun, then we went home and read books, did the "Hokie Pokie" played chase and rolled the ball. I love our fun day! Final Cost...$5

Cave Sing!!

This past Sunday we went with the Adkins (one of our favorite families) to Mammoth Cave. Every year they have area performers come to the cave and visitors get to go hear them and sing along. It it FREE and tons of fun! Here are a few highlights from this year's sing: After the event, Santa comes to visit and all the guests get free cider and cookies. Eli love hearing his echo and meeting St. Nick. It was the cutest thing ever. What wasn't so cute was dinner. Eli is a beast in restaurants...ha! But it was fun eating at Chedder's again this year with the boys. They have grown so much!