Thursday, December 30, 2010

Y2K And All That Follows

I had a revelation last night, we are not only saying goodbye to this year. No, we'll be saying "adios" to a whole decade.

Ten years ago I was in the eighth grade. I had never been kissed, I couldn't drive, and I wondered if we would survive Y2K. Ten years ago our basement was full of enough supplies to last us six months in the event of an international computer crisis....ha!

Ten years ago we listened to Sisquo, Destiny's Child, Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson. Ten years ago boy bands were hot and MTV actually played music videos.

Ten years ago we wore Timberland boots, American Eagle hoodies, Abercrombie shirts, and Express Jeans.

Ten years ago I didn't have a cell phone or car, and I worried about who I sat with at lunch and who I would hang out with on Friday nights.
The past ten years have full of joy, adventures, heartbreaks and changes. In the past ten years I have graduated middle school, high school, and college. I failed a drivers test, finally passed, had two accidents and have been to traffic school twice. I went from driving a 1991 Mazda Protege to driving a Minivan...ha!

In the past ten years I have competed for Miss Kentucky four times (twice in teen.) I have been bungee jumping, skydiving, and adventure seeking.

In the past ten years I have lost a grandfather and watched another fight Alzheimer's. In past ten years I have made the most amazing friendships with incredible women. In the past ten years I have fallen in love, gotten married and started a family.

In the past ten years learned that I have more strength than I ever knew possible. I have learned that life is completely unpredictable that's what makes the journey so sweet. I have learned to see the rainbow through the rain, that there can be laughter through tears, and that joy ALWAYS comes in the morning.

In the past ten years I have learned who holds my hand, who walks beside, and who I trust to lead every day of my future...GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS, OH GOD MY FATHER!!

From bad hair and boy bands to minivans and sippy cups, the past ten years have been a journey full of joy and tears, faith and fear, and love and laughter....GOODBYE Y2K!!!

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