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Love Always Perseveres

Today is our nine year anniversary, which just seems so crazy!  Nine years - It’s a weird place to be because I still feel like we’re newbies at this whole marriage thing (and we are in the grand scheme of things) but I also feel like we’ve covered a lot of ground and faced a lot of giants, so that’s gotta be worth something, right?  Anyway, we’ve reached nine years, and while I don’t feel like that qualifies me to be giving marital advice, I do think I’ve gained a little wisdom about love...all kinds of love and not just the romantic kind.  In fact, aside from this paragraph you are reading, I’ve had the following post written in my journal  for several months, but I never felt the time was right to share it publicly until now.  In light of our anniversary and the recent events in our nation, I think it’s an appropriate time to talk about what the world needs sweet, love!  It’s not a traditional anniversary post, but I hope you enjoy! This past weekend we at

The Night Before Life Goes On

There’s an old country song called “The Night Before Life Goes On” that chronicles the night before a young, small-town girl moves away to college leaving behind her tiny community and her high school sweetheart.   It’s full of all the things that make a good country/western song…but that’s about all it has going for it. The title though, it plays through my head over and over again as each new season of life is ushered in.   The night before college graduation. The night before walking down the aisle.   The night before becoming a mother.   The night before leaving your childhood home for the final time. The night before the job change.   The night before life goes on -we’ve all been there, in that bittersweet place of letting go of what “once was” and embracing all that lies ahead…both the good and the bad. Sometimes “the night before,” comes and goes without us even realizing it.   The night before the diagnosis.   The night before the car accident. The night before the