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Happy Father's Day

I had an entire post written to honor Eric for Father's Day.  It was sweet and sappy and everything he hates, so I thought that a more fitting way to celebrate him would be a trip down memory lane with some of our more memorable parenting moments.  One of the greatest joys of doing life with this man has been his sense of humor. Let's start with pregnancy itself.  While expecting Eli, we went to birthing classes at the hospital.  I ended up having two c-sections, so it was all a waste of time minus this great memory.  When teaching the breathing techniques, the nurse had the fathers squeeze the achilles tendon of the mom so that we would learn to push through the pain.  We can all roll our eyes here because that was nothing like a real contraction at all.  Worry not, Eric had my back and really enjoyed applying more than "gentle pressure" to my ankle.  He would pinch the tar our of me and then when the instructor would tell the men to ease up, he would add a li