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This One Is For The Working Moms

Ya’ll know I believe that honesty is the best policy, so I’m gonna keep it has been hard on this Momma, like HARD, HARD!  I kinda thrive on chaos, so the daily three-ring circus doesn’t typically bother me.  I fully realize that I have a lot going on and that it’s not humanly possible to be everything to everyone, so as long as my people are good, I’m staying on top of my responsibilities at work, and I am walking with the Lord, I can let most other things go.  MOST DAYS.  But if I’m being completely honest, every now and then, it gets to me.  Some days I just want someone to say to me, “You know what? You’re doing a good job.”  The thing is, that’s not how life works, so if you’re like me and needing a little encouragement today, let me be your cheerleader. Dear Working Mom, I see you.  You’re signing agendas, handing out lunch money, and waving wildly while you blow  kisses out the window in the car-rider line because you were a little too harsh this mornin

And In HIS Name All Oppression Shall Cease

I am a “words” person.  I love reading them; I love writing them.  I love trying to string them together is just the right order to convey a message or tell a story.  Words move me.  Words humble me.  Words inspire me.  Words challenge me. Words sooth me. Words and phrases embed themselves deep into my heart and stay with me, reminding me at the most opportune moment how to live, how to feel, how to love, how to hope. Naturally, words set to music, aka lyrics, tend to be the most powerful as long as we don’t let the familiarity of them desensitize us to their profoundness.  Among the most moving for me is a stanza in the Christmas tune “Oh Holy Night.” Tucked into the melody that we so customarily sing are the words, “and in HIS name all oppression shall cease.” Have you ever allowed that time to sink in?  In HIS name all oppression shall cease! Amen, Amen, and Amen!!!!! Those words have always given me reason to pause, but perhaps never have I so despera